The Best Korean Cafes for a Summer Date!

The Best Korean Cafes for a Summer Date!

There’s nothing like summer love, and June-August is full of opportunities for dates. Korea has many coffee shops and cafes where you can take your oppa or noona for a romantic outing. These are the best Korean cafes for a summer date!


We’ll start in the capital city, where you’ll find cafes of all kinds. We’ve made several lists in the past of aesthetic, trendy, and otherwise unique cafes to visit that you can also check out. Just be aware that some of those blogs are a few years old, meaning a few of the shops mentioned have unfortunately closed.

Stylenanda Pink Pool Café (Hongdae)

Four pink beach chairs beside a fake swimming pool

Image Credits: Stylenanda pinkpoolcafe via Instagram

Barbie would love this café. With its décor and menu inspired by an indoor swimming pool, a visit to Style Nanda is the best way to kick off your summer. Sip some fruity cocktails or Cotton Candy Coffee as you sit in a comfy beach chair nibbling on a meringue. 

Address: 4th Floor Stylenanda, 21ëČˆì§€ 335, Seogyo-dong, Mapo District, Seoul

A glass of iced coffee with orange slices beside a plate of cakes near pool tiling

Image Credits: Stylenanda pinkpoolcafe via Instagram

Banana Tree (Seongsu)

Exterior of Banana Tree cafe with blue chairs and table and sunflower in large pot

Image Credits: Image via Seoul Foodie

Nothing says “summer” like bananas and sunflowers. Banana Tree welcomes patrons with its yellow sign, picnic bench tables, and flowerpot bowls. There are various beverages, including non-alcoholic mojito, that you can order with your cake and bingsu. Did we mention that this is a cute spot for a first date?

Address: 685-63, Seongsu-dong 1-ga, Seongdong District, Seoul

Glasses of drinks, cakes in flower pots, and a glass of fluffy candy cloud on a table

Image Credits: NEWT via Instagram

Jeonggeurida (Jongno District)

A couple of green-seated chairs and a green table by a window with ferns nearby

Image Credits: Cafe Jeonggeurida via Instagram

Transport yourself to a tropical island with a trip to Jeonggeurida. Ferns, palms, and pineapples grow inside, offering a unique dining experience. Jeonggeurida’s signature drink is a striking coconut and mango shake/ade, and you can't go wrong with their cheesecake or fruit tart. Take us with you when you go! 

Address: 2 Naksanseonggwak-gil, Jongno District, Seoul

A tray of drinks and crumble-topped desserts under a light-up sign with a palm tree

Image Credits: Cafe Jeonggeurida via Instagram

Madang Flower Café (Jongno)

Madang Flower Cafe interior

Image Credits: Madang Flower Cafe via Instagram

Looking for something a little more rustic? Come to Madang Flower Café, where you can live out your k-drama fantasy (Goblin and True Beauty were filmed here) while breathing in the scent of fresh flowers. The café itself is built in a hanok style, with wooden screens and paper umbrellas adding to the ambience. Enjoy hot and iced tea, waffles, and homemade ice cream.

Address: 33-12 Supyo-ro 28-gil, Ikseon-dong, Jongno District, Seoul

Two trays with parfaits, iced coffees, and yellow flowers

Image Credits: yeon.6k via Instagram

Summer Lane Café (Itaewon)

Blue tables and gray chairs under a painting of a beach, ocean, and blue sky

Image Credits: Summer Lane via Instagram

Our last stop is in Itaewon, which is a hub for tourists, expats, and students. Summer Lane is an Australian-inspired cafĂ© that is a must-stop if you’re going out for brunch. Their menu includes eggs benedict, French toasts, and a sweet fruity Pavlova. Order a fruit tea or, if you’re feeling adventurous, an Aussie Ice (iced latte made with vanilla ice cream).

Address: 49 Itaewon-ro 55ga-gil, Yongsan District, Seoul

Glass jars of lemonade and plates of Australian breakfast food

Image Credits: Summer Lane via Instagram

Jeju Island

If we’re talking summer, then we need to mention the Hawaii of Korea, Jeju Island. Here you can eat local fish, walk stunning beaches, and of course sip tea or coffee at these popular cafes.

Bomnal Café (Aewol)

Exterior of Bomnal Cafe in Jeju with three stools on porch

Image Credits: Image via Sheryl Bella

You may recognize this cafĂ© from the 2015 k-drama Warm and Cozy. Bomnal CafĂ© looks like a regular wooden shed, but it’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Located on Aewol CafĂ© Street, it’s built above Handam Beach and has lovely seating inside and outside. The menu includes hallabong tea and cake, as well as brunch items like pizza and sandwiches. It's the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, AND dessert!

Address: 25 Aewollo 1(il)-gil, Aewol, Jeju Island

An orange-based ade and a strawberry cream iced drink

Image Credits: Bomnal Cafe via Instagram

Gongbech (Gujwa)

A cashier standing at table with cash machines under nets in front of tall windows

Image Credits: Image via KoreaTravelPost

Once owned by BTS Suga’s brother, Gongbech is a bit of everything: eatery, gallery, and scenic lookout. With windows facing the sea and a minimalist aesthetic, the focus is on the ocean’s natural beauty and the delicious menu Gongbech offers. From freshly baked bagels to its signature cream coffee made with Jeju barley, you’ll leave the cafĂ© with a full stomach and photo gallery.

Address: 83 Dongbok-ro, Gujwa, Jeju Island

A blue-ish ade and a yellow-orange ade on a rock overlooking the beach

Image Credits: ikuko via Instagram

Café Hallasan (Gujwa)

Dim interior of Cafe Hallasan

Image Credits: Cafe Hallasan via Instagram

Located in front of Sehwa Beach and with a view of Mt. Hallasan, this other cafĂ© in Gujwa offers a unique photoshoot opportunity: you can take a selfie behind a TV-shaped frame. Like other coffee shops, CafĂ© Hallasan offers hallabong items. We recommend the Hallabong Cocktail with the café’s signature carrot cake.

Address: 48 Myeonsu 1-gil, Gujwa, Jeju Island

Two pieces of carrot cake on rustic plates with a cup of iced coffee topped with hallabong

Image Credits: foodh_ee via Instagram

Café Delmoondo (Jocheon)

Exterior of Cafe Delmoondo with palm tree in the background

Image Credits: Cafe Delmoondo via Instagram

If you’re looking for something fancier (and pricier), then check out CafĂ© Delmoondo. Easily one of Jeju’s most gorgeous spots, it’s like a small island hideaway with palm trees, sand, and waves right outside. Besides Jeju's classic carrot cake, CafĂ© Delmoondo offers a delicious fondant au chocolat. Jeju Island is also home to a second cafe, a coffee roastery, and an art museum under the CafĂ© Delmoondo name.

Address: 1008-1 Hamdeok-ri, Jocheon, Jeju Island

A blue-tinted ade and iced coffee with assorted pastries

Image Credits: Cafe Delmoondo via Instagram

Busan and Elsewhere

We can’t end this list without mentioning a few places outside of Seoul and Jeju Island.

Huinnyeol Beach Café (Busan)

A pink building with palm trees and an open screen door

Image Credits: Image via Interesting Korea

Busan is THE seaside city, with delicious dishes and fantastic views. We had to include a cafĂ© from here, and the most iconic is this coffee shop located in the Huinnyeoul Culture Village. Both the exterior and interior are cute, and there are tasty pastries as well as various tea and coffee options (served hot or iced). Finally, whether you sit in the basement or on the terrace, you’ll get stunning shots of the water. Food for the stomach AND the eyes!

Address: 236 Jeoryeong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

A wooden tray with fruity ades and plastic spoons on a wooden table with a wooden chair

Image Credits:Â ï»żêč€í™”나 via Creatrip

Daily Oasis (Daegu)

Exterior of Daily Oasis cafe with potted plants

Image Credits: RJ via Instagram

Less sea, more desert. Daegu’s Daily Oasis cafĂ© features cactus motifs in their dĂ©cor and toppings for drinks and desserts. It’s the perfect spot for matcha lovers, since you’ll find everything from matcha espresso to matcha bingsu. Oh, and they serve souffles and Dutch babies, making this a must-visit brunch spot. 

Address: 322-7, Dongin-dong 4-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu

Matcha bingsu, iced coffee, and green iced coffees with palm trees and cacti on top

Image Credits: Dailyoasis via Instagram

Greetvi Coffee (Ulsan)

People sitting in front of wall of windows overlooking ocean and beach

Image Credits: Image via Korean Go Go

We end our cafĂ©-hopping in Ulsan. The designers pulled no punches: Greetvi Coffee has walls that are entirely made of windows and a seating plan that makes patrons feel as if they were in a movie theater. They’re greeted by waves and blue sky while they munch on freshly baked pastries and sip fruit- and espresso-based beverages. You can also find Greetvi Coffee in Busan.

Address: 4 Sinamhaean 1-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

An iced coffee and hot coffee with fruity desserts on a tray with a plastic fork and knife

Image Credits: Image via Korean Go Go

Have you been to any of these cafes? Were there any that we should have mentioned? Tell us in the comments. And have a safe, cool, and happy summer!

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