The 7 best Kpop songs of 2020: Half year assessment

The 7 best Kpop songs of 2020: Half year assessment

Every year, the music industry in Korea serves a wide range of music which spreads its scope across the globe, experimenting with the limitations of popular music. 2020 was no different, with artists producing both addictive and significant songs.

As half the year is approaching, SeoulBox hand-picked 7 best Kpop songs that really made the year.


1. BTS: On

"On" is a song by Korean boy band BTS. It was released the same day as the band's fourth Korean-language album Map of the Soul: 7


2. Taeyon: Dear Me

The title track “Dear Me” is a signature Taeyeon ballad with comforting lyrics that include a positive message of self-love and trust in oneself.


3. Ateez: Answer

These lyrics open “Answer” while the MV shows San dancing alone on a banquet table, slowly watching invisible sand slip through his fingers.


4. Itzy: Wannabe

Itzy brings its self-love message to light in the K-pop girl group's latest "Wannabe" music video released today.


5. Suga: Shadow

Korean superstars BTS have shared the first comeback trailer for 'Map Of The Soul: 7' in 'InterludeShadow' and it tackles the pitfalls of being the top of top.


6. Dreamcatcher: Scream

Queens of heavy metal influence and dark concepts, there was no doubt that “Scream” was going to embody this trope.


7. Everglow: Dun Dun

The song is a unique track with a pulsing brass section, with lyrics that reflect themes like being independent and having a bold and brave personality.

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