The 5 Most Underrated Kpop Groups

Despite so many new groups making their debut each year, it's time to remember some of the most overlooked Kpop artists. This list of lesser established groups contains artists from smaller K-pop entertainment firms, not including acts from the "Big 3" agencies (JYP, SM, and YG). Who are your favorite Nugu Groups for this year?


1. Weki Meki

Weki Meki is a South Korean girl group formed by Fantagio in 2017. The group consists of eight members: Ji Su-yeon, Elly, Choi Yoo-jungKim Do-yeon, Sei, Lua, Rina, and Lucy.


2. Golden Child

Golden Child (abbreviated as GNCD or GolCha) is a South Korean boy band formed by Woollim Entertainment in 2017. The group debuted on August 28, 2017, with their EP, Gol-Cha!. Originally an eleven-piece group, Park Jae-seok later departed from the group in January 2018.


3. Gugudan

Gugudan, also stylized as gu9udan or gx9, is a South Korean girl group formed in 2016 by Jellyfish Entertainment. They debuted on June 28, 2016 with the mini-album Act. 1 The Little Mermaid and its title track "Wonderland". The group consists of nine members: Mimi, Hana, Haebin, Nayoung, Sejeong, Sally, Soyee, Mina, and Hyeyeon.


4. Up10tion

UP10TION is a South Korean boy group formed by TOP Media in 2015. The group consists of ten members: Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bitto, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao. The group debuted with a mini album, Top Secret. 



BVNDIT (pronounced "bandit") is a South Korean girl group under MNH Entertainment. The group consists of five members: Songhee, Yiyeon, Simyeong, Jungwoo, and Seungeun. They debuted on April 10, 2019 with their first digital single "BVNDIT, Be Ambitious!".


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