5 All-Time Favorite Korean Dramas

5 All-Time Favorite Korean Dramas

K-dramas make you feel good, tug your heart strings, and have you totally a loving believer. All the aspects we can dig up on, right? A lot of romantic comedies have obviously been out there in the K-drama world, but very few earn the title of being the best of all time. Here is a glimpse at 5 of those names.


1. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers is another popular K-Drama with Geum Jan Di as an ordinary girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store, and the Shin Hwa High School F4 group. She finds herself terrorised by the leader of the F4, Gu Jun Pyo, though. Though Jun Pyo continues to bully her, he starts to find himself attracted to Jan Di. Jan Di does have a crush on Yoon Ji Hoo, the best friend of Jun Pyo, though. When she realises that Ji Hoo is merely a close friend and that she really loves Jun Pyo the couple are thrown into a dilemma as the mother of Jun Pyo sets out to break them up and find a match for her son that is more suitable.


2. Secret Garden

Due to the ever so talented Hyun Bin and his arrogant but yeah so romantic character this series is one of the best rom-coms of all time. Despite his love for money and designer tracksuits, he was able to portray Joo Won in a way that made him so lovable.


3. Queen Seon Deok

A historical drama regarding Queen Seon Deok, Silla Kingdom's first female ruler. This is about a beautiful and excellent queen who has had to confront struggles to achieve brilliant achievements. Deokman was born a twin, but her father, King Jinpyung, sent her to a place far away to protect her from the royal court lady, Mishil who tries to snatch the royal successor from the throne.


4. My Love From The Star

Obviously, without mentioning "My Love From the Star," we can't have an ultimate rom-com list. Not only did this series take off in South Korea but it was also an international success! Because of this series, Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun became worldwide stars-and with good reason!


5. Crash Landing On You

An implausible love story in which a (literally) high-flying South Korean heiress accidentally paraglides into North Korea, lands on a soldier and falls in love with him has become the latest Korean drama smash hit!


Which K-drama is your favorite, Seoulmates?

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