Tasting Guide: Travel to Korea

Tasting Guide: Travel to Korea

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Dec '19 Travel to Korea SeoulBox.

 Doritos Galbi Flavor

Enjoy a genuine collaboration between crunchy nachos and smoky Galbi. It's soy-marinated roasted chicken flavor

Spice up your party with a Korean-infused walking taco! Find instructions to this genuine invention later in your tasting guide


Nakji 'Horong' Chips

A fun snack that tastes like a gourmet treat. Crunchy sweet chips with spicy smoky Gochujang flavor

‘Horong’ is a special method used to roast Nakji (squid; local delicacy of Mokpo). To make it, season Nakji, roll it along a BBQ skewer and grill it

Sari Gomtang Ramyun

Enjoy Gomtang, the beloved Korean beef soup, in a unique ramyun form. Inspired by Hadongkwan, the best-known Gomtang restaurant in Seoul

Empty the sachet and pour boiling water to the line. Allow it to cook for 4 minutes. Not suitable for microwaving


Magaret Seeds Hotteok

A buttery pie made of brown sugar jam and nuts with a hint of cinnamon. Inspired by Hotteok, Busan's beloved winter pancake

Microwave for 10 seconds to enjoy a soft, warm and gooey indulgence


Clementine Sand Wafer

A crisp, light and sweet biscuit with airy clementine cream, a winter delicacy of Jeju island

This snack's delicate texture combined with fruity flavors makes it a perfect companion for ice cream (Chocolate recommended!)


Roasted Seaweed: Gwangcheon X Kakao Friends Collaboration!

Perfectly thin and crumbly, lightly salted and seasoned with sesame oil

An ideal portion for your rice bowl, noodles or in between work or classes


Yakgwa Honey Cookie

A classic Korean sweet shaped into a flower. A mix of donut, cookie and candy, indulge in its unique texture and rich honey ginger flavors

A perfect teacake for your Organic Green Tea


Honey Butter Almonds

An almond which is beyond delicious. The powdery seasoning is made with natural honey, Samcheok's delicacy, and gourmet butter

Mix it with popcorn to make your own Korean-inspired cinema popcorn mix


Organic Green Tea

An aromatic robust flavor with a refreshing aftertaste. It produces a heart-warming cuppa that will almost feel like a warm hug in this winter

Place the teabag and pour over hot, water. Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes


Swing Chip Stir-fried Gochujang Flavor

A thick-cut potato chip with just the right amount of spiciness. This chili paste flavor goes perfectly with anything ... even with a potato snack!

Put inside your sandwiches!


Bulgogi Ramyun Snack

A mildly sweet, savory and smoky snack that is fun to eat and tastes amazing at the same time

Empty the seasoning sachet to the bag, seal it well and crush to your desire – if you enjoy big chunks, break less and vice versa


Chicken Hot Gangjeong

An extra crispy chicken cracker tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce. Sokcho's market stalls started selling Gangjeong (fried and seasoned sticky chicken) the origin of this snack

Crushed nuts go amazing with the cracker - it's what Sokcho people do!


Choco Pie Banana Flavor

A delicious cake consisting of two sponge layers and banana marshmallow filling. Pungnyeon Bakery of Jeonju is known nationwide for its extra moist Choco Pie

Microwave for 15 seconds to make it a warm choco-marshmallow fondant


Gold Pine Nut Yeot

A soft candy with pine nut toppings. Deliciously sweet, buttery taste and chewing nougat texture

How about having a classic Korean teatime with this fancy pine nut candy and your Camellia Tea?


Camellia Flower Tea

A sweet and refreshing cup of tea made of Jejudo's Camellia flowers

Steep in 180ml of hot water. Allow it to brew for 2 minutes


BT21 Xmas Socks

An exclusive 2019 Christmas edition of cozy BTS socks

Made with 100% cotton and hand-finished, give a festive boost to your Christmas with this cute merch


BT21 Luggage Tag

A soft silicon luggage tag with a design of a BT21 character

Fancy travelling to Korea? Kick start your journey with this adorable luggage tag!


Meodusa Postcard

SeoulBox X Meoshi World collaboration! Meoshi World is a design studio telling the story of supernatural beings living in Korea

The back of the postcard explains the cute and unique myths of Meodusa'


Volcanic Lava Nose Strip

A nose strip with nutritious lava components. Ranked no.1 in Korean consumer cosmetics award. Try me!

Remove the film and spread the sheet evenly across your nose. Rest it for 10 to 15 minutes

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