Tasting Guide: Taste the World

Tasting Guide: Taste the World

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Jan '20 Taste the World SeoulBox.


Churros Snack

Visit a street café in Madrid with a unique Korean twist. An addictive crunchy texture with a delightful cinnamon flavor no one can resist

Take your Siesta [a short nap after lunch in Spain] teatime! Serve Churros Snack with hot chocolate


Honey Butter Chips

Probably the most famous Korean snack that tastes like toasted potato bread smothered with honey and butter. Deliciousness in a chip

Do you know Canadians used to add honey to butter to make it be preserved for longer periods of time?


Scorched Rice Soup

Rice-bread which is sticky yet crispy, nutty, with a punchy crispy chew. Often found in many Chinese dishes

Boil 600ml of water together with your Scorched Rice Soup. Add instant noodles of your choice and cook for 3 to 4 more minutes


Chocolate Fondant

A French dessert with Korean flavor twists of whipped cream and chocolate sauce inside the airy chocolate sponge

A delight of the afternoon that’s perfect for teatime, enjoy it with your Today’s Black Tea


Milk Tea Heim

A wafer cookie filled with rich cream. Taiwan-infused sweet flavors with a faint, but not overbearing, bitter taste

Upgrade your snacking experience to the next level through dipping the wafer in double cream


Chic Choc Tiramisu

An Italian mousse reinvented in a soft cookie form. A creamy crumble with a hint of cocoa coffee

Make hot chocolate and place your cookie on top of the drink – it's a cup of indulgence which will warm up your heart this winter


Olive Oil Seaweed

A Greek-inspired Korean snack that has a pleasant aroma and thin texture with a refreshing green color

Seaweed is a great canapé material. Place seaweed on top of crackers. Spread cream cheese and place smoked salmon on top of the seaweed


Hot Chicken Almonds

A ‘delicious little devil’ with succulent hot chicken sauce and addictive spicy kick. What a summary of Korean style

Way too hot? Try it with a can of pop


Ghana Air Light Mini

A foam of rich chocolate that melts in your mouth

Its cacao beans are produced in Ghana – hence it was named after the country


Roasted Mate Tea

The national drink of Argentina roasted by Korean tea-makers. A slight astringent bitter taste with a refreshing green-tea-like aroma

If you’re not a big fan of bitter taste, add honey to sweeten the drink


Year of Mouse Card

A cute Mickey 'Mouse' postcard to wish the best luck of your loved one in the New Year. Also a New Year edition of Daiso, Korea's most popular stationery shop

Kick start your 2020!


Year of Mouse Mystery Special Gift

A 2020-exclusive, Mickey-themed goody which is really cute and unique in style at the same time

Are you ready for the New Year? Grab your mystery gift and add a Korean infusion to your 2020


Pork Rib BBQ Chips

Finger licking good ribs in a form of crunchy, thick-cut potato chips. Koreans added a sweet garlic kick to this beloved American home food

Heat them up by adding a gulp of hot sauce and shaking the bag up until the chips are sufficiently coated


Takoyaki Bites

A Japanese donut transformed to a state-of-the-art Korean snack. So sophisticated, it even has the unique garnish and octopus bits!

Toss the bites in a cheese dip or mayo


Chili Corn Chips

A snack which will remind you of the famous Mexican street corn roasted over an open grilled and dusted with fiery chili powder



A snack variation of Belgian waffle which captures its characteristic thick, light and buttery texture

Serve with chocolate spread or jam of your choice


Quatro-Cheese Sausage

We decided to be cheeky and give a Korean twist to the popular German cuisine. A soft sausage filled up to top with melting cheese

Microwave for 5 to 7 seconds to bring the cheesy flavour to the next level


Today’s Black Tea

Britishness in a cup. Tea with a distinctly dark and malty favor. A deep, nutty and bold aroma with an aftertaste of super light beer

Steep in 180ml of hot water and allow it to brew for 2 minutes


BT21 Face Point Mask

A set of Insta-worthy mask patches in a shape of BT21 characters

Put each patch on different areas of your face and keep them for 5 to 10 minutes

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