Tasting Guide : Street Food

Tasting Guide : Street Food

Your treats: a complete and genuine guide to enjoying our hand-picked snacks & goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Aug ' 19 Street Food SeoulBox.


King Koreabab

Fish tartare is a go-to dish when you feel like drinking Soju (Korean alcohol) in traditional markets. We hand-picked this oven-baked snack to best replicate the cuisine!

Tip: Crispy and smoky, it's perfect with beer or soda


Roasted Sweet Potato

Winter comes with roasted sweet potato vendors in Korea. Imagine a chilly day on the street with this delicious crunchy stick

Tip: First, enjoy its unique aroma. Then dip into chocolate spread


Fried Chicken Snack

With their secret sauce, seasoning, and cooking, Koreans have transformed ordinary fried chicken to a delicacy on the street

Tip: Dip into ketchup to make it Yangnyum Chicken (fried chicken coated with sweet and spicy sauce)


Injeolmi Snack

Every morning, traditional markets are filled with delicious smells of freshly steamed Injeolmi, a rice cake dusted with soybean powder

Tip: Grab an ice cream cone and dot the sweets around to make a unique sundae


Janchi Guksu

Janchi means 'celebration', and Guksu 'noodles'. It's a classic street food that Koreans eat when they have something to celebrate

Tip: Empty all sachets and pour boiling water to the line. Allow it to cook for 2 minutes


Beef Flakes

Street chefs need a quick and easy meal, so they often eat Jumeokbab – a simple rice ball with beef, veg, or seafood flakes!

Tip: Empty the packet into a bowl of warm rice. Mix it well and add a splash of sesame oil to make your Jumeokbab


Tteokbokki Snack

Tteokbokki is one of the most popular street foods in Korea. This is a crunchy variation of the sweet and spicy rice cakes

Fun Fact: Even though this snack is a little bit hot, it is only 1/10 as hot as the original Tteokbokki!


Honey Butter Almonds

A nutty delight with mouth-watering honey butter seasoning. A perfect mix of sweet and savory tastes that tantalizes your taste buds

Fun Fact: Koreans love munching on almonds when they watch movies



A waffle with whipped cream and strawberry jam is a nostalgic after school memory of Korean kids. This is the snack version of it

Tip: This scrumptious wafer is perfect with your Organic Green Tea


Strawberry Pie

A light buttery tart with sweet strawberry filling. An incredible combination of sticky topping and puffy base

Tip: Best served chilled. Store in the fridge to keep the jam cool and refreshing


Choco Heim

A wafer packed with chocolate hazelnut cream

Tip: Freeze it for a couple of hours. It becomes 'Ice Heim', bringing you to a completely new level of snacking


Rock Star Candy

A super cute jar of rock star candies. A childhood memory of Koreans who were cheeky enough to buy candies from street vendors!

Tip: Surprisingly tasty with salty biscuits or cream crackers


Roasted Sea Laver

Crunchy salty roasted sea laver. Enjoy its delicate sesame oil aroma

Tip: Crush sea laver over your Jacnhi Guksu to add an authentic Korean topping to your noodles


Chal Tteok Pie

This month’s rice cake is a buttery pie filled with sweet, soft Chal Tteok (sticky rice). Enjoy the crumbly texture that melts in your mouth

Tip: Microwave it for 7-10 seconds to make the filling extra soft


Nune Ddine

Nune Ddine means 'eye-catching'. It is a pastry with a sugary coat on top. This pie used to be a super popular local-bakery snack in Korea

Tip: Doesn't it sound like cool milk-dipping material?


Pumpkin Rice Puffs

Rice puff is a beloved street dessert. The sweet yellow color comes from natural pumpkin puree

Tip: Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two puffs. Close the lids and enjoy your ice cream sandwich!


Sticky Fruit Jelly

A gooey and chewy jelly packed with sweet fruity flavors. Often found in candy stalls in Korean traditional markets

Warning: This is super addictive! Let us know if you want more



Dalgona means 'Ah, sweet!'. It tastes similar to a toffee apple. Dalgona stands used to be hugely popular across Korea

Sneak Peek: We hand-picked this lollipop out of 12 different candidates to find the most authentic Dalgona taste


Organic Green Tea

Refresh your tongue with this organic green tea. Made by Donggon Kim, an artisan with 30 years of experience

Tip: Steep in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Allow it to brew. To enjoy as a cool drink, throw in a couple of ice cubes


Kobuk Chip Corn Soup Flavor

An extra crunchy crisp with corn soup flavor. A divine combo of sweet and savory, this snack will make you crave more

Tip: Try it out with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder


Honey Butter Chip

A potato crisp lightly covered with gourmet butter and natural honey powder. A fascinating balance between sweet and savory

Tip: Enjoy it while watching your favorite K-dramas!



Bungeo means 'fish', and ppang 'bread'. It's a classic street food stuffed with red bean paste. Here's your cheeky variation with chocolate filling inside

Tip: It's an amazing teacake to go with your Orange Grapefruit Black Tea


Apple Pie

A fruity pie with sticky apple jam on top. An addictive slice of summer tart

Tip: Put it in the oven for a couple of minutes. Add a spoonful of ice cream. Enjoy your delicious apple crumble to lighten up your summer


Orange Grapefruit Black Tea

A premium blending tea made with a slice of dried orange, grapefruit powder, and Sri Lankan Uba tea leaves

Tip: Put the fruit and tea bag into a mug. Pour 200ml of hot water and brew for 3 to 5 minutes


Aloe Mask Sheet

A moist mask sheet that will refresh your face

Tip: Apply the mask evenly across your face and wait for 20 minutes. No need to wash your face afterward, as you will want to absorb all the fresh aloe nutrients


Street Food Bonanza

This street food bonanza sticker sheet brings you to the ocean of street foods held dear by many Koreans

Tip: Cut around each doodle. Stick it to wherever you want to add a yummy Korean boost to your belongings


BT21 Pen

An adorable pen with BT21 characters dotted around. You'll get a randomly selected character pen

Tip: What BT21 character did you get? We'd love to hear from you! @unboxyourseoul


Puppy Notebook

This month's subscription special is a cute notebook with puppy illustrations and Korean writing 

Tip: Time to show off your Korean skills! Write down your favorite Korean words in here and tag us @unboxyourseoul

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