Tasting Guide: Pepero Pajama Party

Tasting Guide: Pepero Pajama Party

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Nov '19 Pepero Pajama Party SeoulBox.


Inside-out Pepero

An inside-out chocolate stick

Tip: 11/11 is a special day for Koreans: Pepero Day! It originated from the tradition of exchanging Pepero snacks, which look like number 1, between lovers. Share this symbol of love with someone special to you


Kokkalcorn Buffalo Wings Edition

A party-hat-shaped nacho chip with an infusion of smoky, tangy buffalo wings

Tip: A classic Korean contest is to see how many you can place on your fingers. How many can you handle? Share with us @unboxyourseoul


Cheesy Noodles

Creamy noodles packed with cheddar cheese flavors

Tip: Pour boiling water to the line and allow it to cook for 4 minutes. Empty water and mix the noodles and cheese sauce



Pizza Tortilla Chip

A popped tortilla chip that looks like either a slice or a whole pizza. Lightly dusted with tomato & salami seasoning

Tip: How about putting melted cheese on top?


Strawberry Almonds

An almond with strawberry flavors that almost tastes like eating crunchy, nutty strawberry milk (Imagine it!)

Tip: Want a fruit twist to your meals? Try mix these nuts in with yogurt



A buttery wafer rolled tightly into a Pepero shape

Tip: Serve with soft ice cream - you'll get the flavor and crunch of a delicious ice cream cone without visiting a waffle store!



A crunchy Pepero that tastes like corn chicken soup

Fun Fact: Chakani used to be a popular after-school snack


Real Choco Well Bar

A cereal Pepero bar filled with dark chocolate cream

Tip: Dip in milk. It will become a moist and crunchy snack at any time of the day


Myeonglan Seaweed

‘Myeonglan’ is a premium Korean cuisine made with cod roe, soy sauce, and herbs. Try it's seaweed variation! Product of Gwangcheon, a town famous for its top-quality roasted seaweed


Star Cracker

A Teriyaki-flavored light rice cracker that looks like a star

Tip: Have this with beer or soda as a cool late-night party combo


Red Bean Pancake

A mini cake sandwich with rich, sweet red bean paste

Tip: Microwave the pancake for a couple of seconds to make it warm and smooth. Even better, enjoy it with a cool glass of milk


Mirang Injelomi

A rice cracker dusted with Injeolmi seasoning. 'Injeolmi' is a Korean rice cake made of roasted & ground soybean powder

Tip: Serve with a cup of sweet drink such as apple juice


Milk Chew Sweetcorn Candy

A soft milk candy with creamy sweetcorn jelly inside

Fun Fact: Sweetcorn is regarded as dessert in Korea. Reason? It's sweet, not surprising


Puer Tea

Yes. It's called 'Puer'! A specialty tea made with mature green tea leaves

Tip: Give a zen boost to your party! Steep in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes. Allow it to brew. To enjoy as a cool drink, throw in a couple of ice cubes


Corn Chocolate

A mini Ă©clair Pepero coated with hazelnut chocolate that melts in your mouth

Tip: Freeze it for a little bit to maximize the chocolate kick


Cheona Jangsa Cheese Sausage

A meaty Pepero made with natural cheese that tastes like a crab stick

Tip: Grab the red tape on the top and pull away from the wrapper. No heating needed


Barley Puff

A puffed Pepero made with whole barley and wheat

Tip: Have it with Toffee Nut Latte. Its grainy flavor makes a perfect balance with the nutty drink


Chocolate Cake

A cakey Pepero coated with rich milk chocolate

Tip: Best served chilled - enjoy its solid cacao texture


Cheese Cake

Another cakey Pepero which is covered with cheese from A to Z - a cream cheese drizzle, airy cheesy cake, and Camembert pastry bottom

Tip: Why not serve it with a cup of your Puer Tea?


Toffee Nut Latte

A sweet latte with a twist of caramelized nut flakes

Tip: Empty the sachet into a mug. Pour 100 to 120ml of boiling water. Stir well. If you want to add a depth to its taste, replace water with warm milk


Jasaengyeon Skin & Lotion

You know Korea is famous for cosmetics. This is a travel set of premium skin and lotion cream. Treat your skin with K-Beauty

Tip: Wash your face and apply the cosmetics evenly


Animal Party Invitation Card

An animal-shaped postcard

Tip: Write an invitation letter for your party with this cute postcard. Also can be used as a bookmark


Lollipop Stickers

A black & white lollipop-shaped sticker with Korean writing printed on. It means ‘I always love you and thank you’. How sweet!

Tip: Have any leftover snacks after a fun night? Seal your snacks with this sticker and save them for later


Finger Phone Holder

A ring that rotates 360 degrees and can also act as a phone stand. Inspired by the cute Korean finger heart

Tip: Have you ever dropped your phone on your face while you were browsing your bias' dancing videos? Then this is ideal for you!


BT21 Keychain

An adorable 3D keychain made with soft rubber

Tip: Fancy a little treat for yourself? This goody will make your bag stand out wherever you go


Kakao Friends Sticker Pack

A sticker of the beloved Kakao Friends, signature characters of Kakao Talk, a Korean nationwide chat app

Tip: Why not add a cute Korean vibe to your surroundings?

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