Tasting Guide : Night at Seoul

Tasting Guide : Night at Seoul

Your treats: a complete and genuine guide to enjoying our hand-picked snacks & goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in July '19 Night at Seoul SeoulBox.


Cherry Blossom Honey Butter Chip

Limited spring edition of the once insanely popular Honey Butter Chip, now with cherry blossom flavors. Koreans used to buy one single packet for ₩9,000 ($8)!


Crown Sando

A clever fusion between crumbly biscuit and smooth strawberry or vanilla cream.

Pull apart the two biscuits and apply an extra layer of spread; seal to indulge


Kancho Cookie Balls

A soft cookie ball filled with chocolate ghanache

Grab a vanilla ice cream cone and dot the biscuits around – decorate to your taste


Wasabi Almonds

Genuine combi between sudden wasabi hotness and hearty, sweet nuts

Best with chilled beer. Iced Americano is a surprisingly satisfying companion


Rice Crackers

This rice cracker is light and crunchy, powdered with either sweet (Red) or savoury (Green) seasoning which makes it very addictive


Shrimp Sticks

This has dominated Korean snack market since 1971

Shrimp burger time! Mix chopped onion, mayo and 1 TB of sugar with the snack. Put the mixture inside soft buns. Actually tastes like a shrimp burger b (b=thumbs up in Korean)


Honey Yak Gwa

A classic dessert made with wheat, sesame oil and honey

Serve with a cup of tea to enjoy your spring time in an old school Korean way


Lollipop Ice

Popular ice lollies revived in lollipop form. Taste exactly the same as their ice cream versions. You will get two out of four varieties: Jaws Bar (grey), Screw Bar (pink & white), Watermelon Bar (triangle) and Double Bianco (cream)


Udon Ramen

With a fourth of the calories of normal ramyun, this is a healthy delicacy full of hearty Udon flavors

Try with tofu or chicken meatballs to make a fulfilling yet light meal


Maxim Mocha Gold

Dong Suh invented instant coffee sachets in 1976; this is the original version

Its gentle sweetness goes perfect with our sweet snack selection


Flower Green Tea

Made with Mae Hwa flower, a symbol of spring in Korea

Steep in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Allow to brew. To enjoy as a cool drink, throw in a couple of ice cubes


Crunchy Shells

Crunchy corn crisps soaked in sticky honey syrup with a hint of cinnamon

Empty the packet into a bowl of milk. Enjoy as a sweet breakfast


Sweet Potato Cake

A sponge cake with purple sweet potato spread and chocolate coating

Its light, airy texture and soft sweetness go fantastic with our Flower Green Tea



This has been loved by Koreans for many years. Recently, it's become a special holiday snack

Enjoy your teatime in a traditional Korean way with these little sweet crackers


Couque D’asse Wafer Coffee & Cookie

Heard of Korean slang, ‘Couque Heart’? It refers to a person whose heart is very soft. It originated from this cookie, which is crumbly by nature and tastes delicious because of its delicate texture


Stir-fried Chili Paste

Korean style chili paste stir-fried with minced beef and whole chili seeds

Ideal sauce for Bibimbap (비빔밥). Find more recipes at seoulbox.co.uk


Mochi Monaca

A light red bean sandwich with sweet mochi filling

Open up one side and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Close the lid and enjoy


Mochi Choco Cookie

Peanut butter biscuits & mochi coated with chocolate

Try heating it in microwave for 5-7 seconds to make mochi extra soft & warm


Butter Crackers

Triple-layered cracker sandwich with cheese lemon or cheese cream filling

A perfect companion for our sweet Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee Mix


Kobuk Chip

This crisp's extra crunchy texture comes from its unique 4-layered structure. Sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt

Too salty? Try dipping it in mayonnaise


Strawberry Cheesecake Choco Pie

Strawberry marshmallow sandwiched by cheesecake

Microwave for 10 seconds for gooey texture or freeze for several hours to enjoy like ice cream


Jelly Bob Mini

These little jellies were inspired by a popular seafood shaped snack, ‘Gorae Bob (고래밥)’

Can you identify all 6 interesting creatures?


Jeju Island Clementine Guazzle

Traditional dessert exclusive to Jeju Island made with fresh clementine grown in the island’s volcanic soil. ‘Guazzle’ is one type of Korean traditional treats


Almond Flakes & Sweet Potato Latte

Nutty latte made with sweet potato and almond flakes

Empty the sachet into a 100ml of hot or cold water. Stir well to serve


Carbo Hot Chicken

Crazy hot chicken sauce with creamy cheese mix

Can you handle the heat? Use the whole pack! Cut up hot dogs, mix it with the cooked noodles and layer cheese on top. Microwave for 10-20 seconds. Enjoy


Fresh Mask Sheet

Moisturise your skin with 2,000mg of nutrients

Apply the mask evenly to your face and wait for 20 minutes. No need to wash your face afterwards


Magnet Sticker

This month’s magnet sticker features Sung Rye Moon, Korea’s magnificent treasure. You can place it wherever you like to bring Korea closer to home


Traditional Treats Square Sticker

Square sticker is theming around traditional snacks enjoyed by royalty in the Joseon Dynasty. Find three of them (Yak Gwa and Mochi Monaca, Ganjeong) from this month's box!

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