Tasting Guide: Love Yourself

Tasting Guide: Love Yourself


A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Feb '20 Love Yourself SeoulBox.


Pringles Butter Caramel Flavor

Once you pop a Pringles, the fun don’t stop. Boost your happiness with this special edition. Potato magic packed with delightful butter caramel flavors

Oddly goes well with ice cream (especially vanilla!)


Baked Cheese Potato Chips

Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite TV series, with a can of soda and these funky chips. A delicate cheese touch adds depth to the flavors

It makes a perfect combination with peanuts


Oh!Yes Cream Carrot Cake

Oh, Yes! Never say no again, as your life is full of ups and downs. A carrot cake coated in milk chocolate

Place it in a mug and pour milk over it. Microwave for 1 minute. Enjoy with a spoon



‘Gosomi’ is a slang term. It means ‘to sue anybody who insults you’. With this sweet coconut-sesame sugar biscuit, don’t let anyone put you down

Spread peanut butter or Nutella. It brings the taste to the next level


My Chew~ Chewing Candy

A fruity caramel with a hint of spring flavors. Sweet, soft and subtle, it leaves a delightful aftertaste

Feel tired mid-afternoon? This cute candy will give you moral support


Chamomile Tea

A mellow, honey-like sweetness in the cup with gentle hints of apple

Steep in 180ml of hot water and allow it to brew for 2 minutes


TwoTuckGom Tea Coaster

A cute coaster featuring TwoTuckGom, Monsta X's signature characters

A day you feel like having a cuppa and cake? Let the worries go away and warm tea soothe your heart



A chocolate cookie ball with lots of love inside. Crumbly biscuit filled with creamy chocolate, love will blossom every time you pick it up

Serve it with a bowl of milk and have it as cereal



‘Ppasae’ is a Korean word of support or encouragement. Crunching this airy snack will let all of your stresses go away

Extra crispy and a bit salty, it's a perfect companion for your beer or can of pop


Miyeokguk Ramyun

Miyeokguk is a soup made of beef and Miyeok (sea mustard) which you eat on your birthday. Celebrate today as if it’s your birthday with the Miyeokguk ramyun

Pour boiling water to the line. Brew it for 2 minutes


Rice Pops

A popped cracker made with organic rice, beet, strawberry, and blueberry. Enjoy a mindful snack time with this organic and colorful rice pop

Try with cocoa to have a winter luxury teatime


Heim Blossom

Your days will bloom with this cherry pink wafer. A spring edition of the ‘Heim’ series filled with flowery strawberry-cherry tastes

Place in the fridge for a couple of hours to make the most of its wafer texture


Choco Chip Rice Cake Cookie

As the 2020 Year of Mouse is yours, we’ve prepared this mouse-themed sweet for you. Crumbly rice cookie with chocolates dotted around

Microwave the snack for 10 to 15 seconds



A piece of cake for your self-care day. Light strawberry shortcake with a hint of raspberry jam cream

Add a spoonful of strawberry jam as a cherry on top


Peach Almonds

An almond bursting with peach flavors. Feel our K-love prepared just for you

Mix it up with dried fruits – what a cute cheer-up package for your movie night!


Parae Seaweed

Freshly roasted seaweed made of ‘Parae’, a unique kind of seaweed famous for its light and crispy texture. Grilled twice with love

Stick wet rice papers on both sides of the seaweed and fan-fry with lots of oil. Sprinkle salt to your taste


Strawberry Milk Marshmallow

You deserve warm heart-to-heart messages. Airy, soft and light, this candy delivers cute Korean words to cheer up your soul

How many of the Korean messages can you read?


Supremo Royal Hazelnut Coffee

A flavored coffee blend with the buttery, rich taste of toasted hazelnuts. Bitter coffee with a sweet cookie - the beauty of life, right?

Mix with 140ml of cold or hot water. Serve with your Freshberry cake


Lemon Balm Tea

A cup of mint tea. A tasty blend of brisk and tart flavors, packed with lots of amazing benefits for your body like calming down anxiety and improving focus

Brew tea bag and stir in a teaspoon of raw honey


Bear Steam Eye Mask

A genuine crossover between the steam pack and eye mask to soothe your night. Relax your hard-working eye muscles

Peel off the film and wear the mask. It will last for 30 to 40 minutes


Korean Sticker

A pack of stickers themed around cheer-up lines

Decorate your mug, pen or laptop with these cute, little lines. Koreans always give you this kind of warm moral support


Mini Hot Pack

A hot pack to warm up your body and soul. What an essential self-care goody for this season!

Peel off the film and stick it on your clothes. 100% safe as it won’t go above 53°C, but please feel free to take it off if you feel too hot


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