Tasting Guide: Kpop

Tasting Guide: Kpop

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Sep '19 Kpop SeoulBox.


Home Run Balls

This is the snack variation of profiteroles. A mini choux filled with milk chocolate cream, it will melt in your mouth immediately

K-pop Twist: How about listening to GOT7 'Home Run' while enjoying this pastry?


Oh! Potato Yangnyum Chicken

A potato stick inspired by Yangnyum Chicken, Korean fried chicken coated with sweet and spicy sauce

K-pop Twist: Add a few slices of cheese and microwave for 20 seconds - it's a typical nighttime snack for WJSN


Corn Soup Popcorn

Popcorn that tastes like hearty corn soup. So addictive, it got a nickname, ‘Devil’s Snack’. Experience the genuine flavor that showcases a perfect balance between sweet and savory

Tip: Throw in a few blocks of chocolates for a sweet boost



A cute fusion of Chinese black bean noodles. Includes bean curd, cabbage, and potato

K-pop Twist: Truffle oil and egg yolk topping - a shocking, but absolutely delicious edition invented by Mamamoo Hwasa


Mango Banana Almonds

SeoulBox is never complete without quirky almonds! This time, we're presenting a mango-banana version

Tip: A fruity, nutritious topping that will make your yogurt extra tasty


Beef Seasoning

A ‘Magic Powder’ that gives life to any Korean dish

Tip: Try Korean egg soup! Whisk 2 eggs and swirl the mixture into boiling water. Add chopped spring onion, black pepper, and one spoon of Beef Seasoning. Boil for a few minutes and enjoy


Choco Pie Chal Tteok

'Chal Tteok' means chewy rice cake. A crumbly biscuit with soft filling. Coated with milk chocolate

K-pop Twist: The term ‘Chal Tteok’ is used among K-pop fans to describe how good looking their idols are in new makeup or clothing


Couque D’asse

A cookie with coffee (red) or cheese (yellow) cream inside

K-pop Twist: Have you heard of the term ‘Couque Heart’? Fans use it to express how soft they can be towards their favorite idols. Originated from the delicate texture of Couque D'asse


Roasted Sea Laver

Enjoy this smoky delight roasted with wild sesame oil

Tip: Give a crunchy boost to your meal by adding a dash of sea laver flakes. Goes especially well with carbs



This month’s classic is a round rice cracker. A crunchy treat with a hint of soy sauce

Warning: Extremely addictive, you may finish it without even realizing!


Bing Bing

A light ice cream cone wafer stuffed with chocolate (yellow) or strawberry (pink) meringue. It's almost like eating a cloud

Tip: Put it in a scoop of ice cream to make your dessert time extra crunchy


White Heim

A wafer biscuit filled with rich white chocolate cream

K-pop Twist: Take your selfie while eating this snack - an SNSD Yoona's way to enjoy this yummy treat


Crispy Roll 21

An oven-baked cookie filled with cream cheese. Enjoy its nutty taste coming from 21 different Korean grains

Tip: Freeze it for a couple of hours before serving. The cream part becomes solid, bringing a new fun texture to the snack


Marshmallow Candy

Fluffy soft cotton candy with milk (blue) or strawberry (pink) flavors

K-pop Twist: Have you spotted the Korean love words? Fans often use them to cheer up their idols



A straw filled with the fruity spread. It used to be a popular school candy in Korean corner shops

Tip: Enjoy it in a Korean way! Hold one tip of the straw using your lips, and squeeze it from the other side


Green Tea Brown Rice

A blending tea made with fresh green tea leaves and roasted brown rice

K-pop Twist: K-pop stars drink 'Idol Water' to slim down puffy eyes. To make it, brew the tea in 500ml of water, add 2 spoons of sugar and throw in ¼ of lemon


Honey Twister

A crunchy treat coated with honey, and sesame seeds dotted around

K-pop Twist: So tasty, BTS Jimin and V once fought for this snack! Keep an eye on yours



A puffy cheese tart sandwich that crumbles in your mouth

Tip: Enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It will make a perfect balance. A vanilla cheese cookie sundae - doesn't it sound interesting?


Macaroni Snack

A fun macaroni-shaped treat with a delicate sweetness. Koreans often buy the snack in bulk and share it with family and friends

K-pop Twist: Fans often send a bag of these chips to their idols, as they are always hungry while on tour


Custard Pie

A soft pie filled with rich custard cream

Tip: Enjoy it with your Couque D’asse Caffé Latte to make your teatime extra relaxing


Cham Cracker

‘Cham’ means authentic. A properly baked biscuit that deserves its name

Tip: Sensational with savory toppings. From smoked salmon to cream cheese, mix and match your yummy variations


Lollipop Linefriends

A fruity lollipop in the shape of a cute character

Question: Cony (bunny), Brown (bear), Sally (duck), Moon (full moon), James (guy), and Leonard (frog) – which one did you get?


Couque D’asse Caffé Latte

A creamy fusion between a coffee biscuit (your Couque D’asse) and caffé latte

Tip: Empty the sachet into a mug. Pour 100 to 120ml of boiling water. Stir well. It's coffee time


Airport Mask

A sleek black cotton mask that covers up your chin

K-pop Twist: This black mask is one of the most common airport fashions of Korean stars. Enjoy your airport photoshoot moment with this famous item


Green Tea Mask Sheet

A mask pack with a green tea infusion. Rejuvenate your skin with this natural essence

K-pop Twist: #onemaskpackeachday A secret behind smooth idol skin


Finger Heart Sticker

A cool sticker featuring finger heart, a symbolic gesture that expresses love in a Korean way

K-pop Twist: Adore the way your idols are showing their love? Decorate your laptop with this sticker to spread your passion to the world!


BT21 Paper Bag

A cute shopping bag with a BT21 character printed on

K-pop Twist: BT21 is an animated version of BTS, and each member designed the characters that represent themselves


Concert Balloons

A pair of LED balloons that you can use to power up your concert experience

K-pop Twist: To use, blow up the balloons by a straw inside the packet. Seal them by pushing down the bottom. Wave to your heart's content


Chimmy Sticker Pack

A soft sticker sheet featuring Tata, a heart-shaped BT21 character

Stick it to your diary, notebook or laptop. This little heart will brighten your day

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