Tasting Guide: K-Drama

Tasting Guide: K-Drama

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Mar '20 K-Drama SeoulBox.


Kokkalcorn Caramel Almonds

A playful corn chip coated in caramel syrup and topped with almond flakes

‘Kokkalcorn’, a party-hat-shaped chip, often appears in retro-style K-Dramas like the ‘Reply’ series. Feel the nostalgia with this classic


Watermelon Ice Lolly Jelly

A cute watermelon-shaped jelly that tastes like a watermelon ice lolly

Fun to eat and easy to pick ‘n’ go, this is the best choice when you want a quiet snack for your K-Drama night


Custard Cake

A cakey bun with grain-infused custard cream filling inside. Soft and sweet, but not an overbearing taste

Stayed awake all night binge-watching your favorite series? This cake will look after your hungry stomach


Mini Shell Choc Strawberry

Square-shaped chocolate filled with yogurt jam and dried strawberries. Rich yet refreshing, it brings spring to your mouth

A perfect bite-size treat for your K-Drama streaming day


Maxim Coffee

A coffee mix with intensive sweet tastes and powerful mocha tastes

If you’ve watched ‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life’, you’ve probably come across this coffee mix. A symbolic office drink that represents short but sweet moments


Nose Strip

A beauty patch to eliminate sebum and oil from your nose. Its nature-oriented components like charcoal will protect your pores

Inspired by meticulous skincare from actresses & actors? Here’s your on-the-go to try it out by yourself


BT21 Straw

Crave a drink but too lazy ro move close to your cup? This straw is made just for you! A unique cutlery to include BTS into your daily life

Use it to drink milk, soda or water. You can separate the BT21 figure and stick it to your other reusable straws


Almonds Pepero

A breadstick dipped in milk chocolate with almond crumbles dotted around

Among many cheeky kiss scenes in K-Dramas, Pepero kiss will be second to none. Is this something you wanted to try? Now it’s your time to shine


Tasty Ramyun

The tastiest ramyun out of the ‘red-soup’ varieties. Famous for its delicious broth made of over 60 veggies

Have you developed a keen liking to ramyun after watching K-Dramas? Let’s eat this comfort food to fulfil your experience


Oh! Potato Chip Gratin Flavor

How can we discuss a binge-watching night without potato chips? An addictive gratin infusion of a great movie-night snack

Shred a couple slices of cheese on top. Microwave for 30 to 40 seconds to serve


Kobuk Chip

A turtle-shell-inspired chip. (Indeed, 'Kobuk' is a turtle) A heavenly mix of crispy texture and savory corn-soup flavored seasoning

Need something to munch on whilst streaming your favorite K-Drama series? Warning: very addictive!


Injeolmi Cake

A fluffy sandwich cake with roasted-grain (Injeolmi) chocolate outside, and rice cake and marshmallow inside

A quirky Injeolmi variation of Choco Pie, a classic snack often appeared in K-Dramas like ‘Descendants of the Sun’


Kimchi Seaweed

Seaweed roasted with sesame oil and seasoned with kimchi. A bit spicy, rich in flavor and crispy in texture

Inspired by the infamous kimchi slap scene from ‘Everybody, Kimchi!’, here's an even more eccentric edition for you: kimchi seaweed


Green Tea Wafer

A thin wafer inspired by Oplatky, a traditional Czech treat. Filled up with a light and airy cream made of green tea grown in Boseong

Add an edge to your cinema evening with this premium Korean sandwich biscuit. Try with your Maxim Coffee


Tteokbokki Nuts

An almond dusted with the beloved Teokbokki powder. A nutty treat with an addictive Korean infusion

After going through countless smiles and tears, don't they always share comfort food? Try this cool almond version of the heart-warming snack


Magaret Honey & Sweet Gold

A shortbread that feels like drinking sweet potato latte

Have you spotted sweet-potato roasters in K-Dramas taken in the wintertime? This cookie will solve your long-lasted curiosity


Soft Cookie

Sweet, delicious spread in between crumbly cookies

How can we discuss 'drama night' without soft cookies? Just like cute episodes in Korean dramas, this delicate treat will simply melt your heart


Mint Candy

A Korean version of mint candy, made of Bakha leaves

Our little edition to celebrate this month’s White Day with you. In ‘Iris’, Hyeon Jun gives a mint candy to Seung Hee as a White Day gift 
 through his mouth


San & Deul Dalgona Candy

A cute candy made of caramelized sugar. You'll often see it in K-Dramas based in the 1980s or 90s

Enjoy as a sweet and crunchy topping for your latte or ice cream


Oksusu Tea

Another unique edition made of corn cobs. ‘Oksusu’ means corn. A light, sweet taste with earthly delight

To properly enjoy this Korean beverage, brew one (or two) teabag for a couple of minutes. Sip it while browsing your mellow series


Kakao Friends Mini Plasters

As you know, our boys often fight and get hurt in high-teen school dramas (Have you seen 'Love Alarm'?) Have you ever wanted to heal their wounds? Here we go!

Stick around the wound


Banana Milk Pendant

A cute pendant featuring banana milk Appeared often in various K-Dramas and now become a fond memory of K-Drama lovers

Attach it to your key ring or necklace as a cute addition to your K-Drama life

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