Tasting Guide : Idol

Tasting Guide : Idol

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in May '20 Idol SeoulBox.


Mini Banana Kick

A banana flavored corn puff. The banana taste is so sweet and intense, it almost feels like the snack is coated in banana chocolate!

It's the ‘ultimate bias’ snack of many idols. Most famous members include BTS Jungkook and Twice Sana


King Goraebab Stir Fried Flavor

An oven-baked crisp dusted with addicted BBQ seasoning. It’s in cute sea creature shapes but tastes like a meaty festival!

Have you tasted its mini version? (featured in Back To School SeoulBox 2019/10!)


Rice Cracker

A seaweed-dotted rice cracker sweet and lightly salty at the same time. Tastes like a cracker baked after marinated in sweet teriyaki sauce

Perfect with any soda or beer


My Gummy Chewing Jellies

A selection of super cute baby fruits – grapes, plums, and green apples

Need a moral support? Pack this treat in your lunch box


Lemon Earl Grey

A cup of tea that contains both a refreshing taste of lemon and aromatic flavors of earl grey

Steep in the fruit slice, powder and tea bag. Pour 200ml of hot water. Stir 10 to 20 times and allow to brew for 3 to 5 minutes


BT21 Gel Pen

A cute fat gel pen with a BT21 character on top

SeoulBox is never complete without a cute goody. Especially if it's Idol-themed this month, you know what you'll get


Yogurt Foam Cleanser

This month’s K-Beauty treat is a cleanser to make your skin soft like idols’. Made of yogurt and apple extracts

Rub it with your hands until it makes foam. Apply evenly to your face and wash thoroughly


Honey Butter Chips

Just like this snack's perfect harmony of sweet honey and savory butter flavors, idols capture millions of fans with their sexy-cute cocktail

In their fan meetings, BTS members are often found eating Honey Butter Chips


Strawberry Ting Choc

A strawberry Ă©clair that melts in your mouth like ice cream. For those who remember 2019 October's box, this is a new taste of Chocolate Ting Choc

Serve it with fresh yogurt


Spaghetti Ramyun

A unique Korean twist of the symbolic Italian dish

Have you heard of a dish called ‘Mark Jeongsik’? A fan of GOT7's Mark invented it to make him known better. Find a detailed recipe in myseoulbox.com


Organic Fruit Yogurt Candies

A freeze-dried yogurt candies made of organic fruits

There’s a slang term ‘Gwa Jeup Sang’, meaning idols whose faces are refreshing as fruits! So we felt obliged to feature a snack which is fruity and cute!


Veggie Cracker

A biscuit of oddly satisfying vegetable flavors

Inkigayo, a Korean music show broadcast, is famous among idols for sandwich. Search ‘Inkigayo Sandwich’. This cracker selection is to mimic the taste of the (allegedly super tasty) food


Custard Cacao Berry Edition

Crisp, but sweet raspberry filling inside dark cocoa sponge cake

If we have to choose a snack to express what's Blackpink, this cake will be the right one to go for


Yogurt Sand Wafer

A light biscuit with airy yogurt cream. A delicate sweetness coming from a well-baked wafer and the right amount of spread

It makes a perfect tea snack for your Boyi Tea


Dabang Coffee Almonds

An almond coated in ‘Dabang Coffee’ flavored chocolate. It's sweet coffee made of sugar, powdered milk and coffee flakes

Do you remember Maxim Coffee Mix in K-Drama box?


Krispy Roll 15+2

A soft puff that tastes like a roasted grain powder. Inside is cheesy cream that makes the snack even more addictive

It’s selected as a tasty pun of Seventeen, an idol band that shines like a diamond


Freshly Roasted Seaweed

A seaweed snack roasted twice under high temprature. Lightly seasoned with sea salt and sesame oil

Wrap up avocado slices and yogurt/chili/humus dressing with your seaweed snacks


Sip Li Candy

A hard candy in an adorable sphere shape

This sweet has a fun story: so hard to melt the candy, it takes almost 3 miles (Sip Li – gotcha!) to finish it. What a cute jawbreaker


Boyi Tea

A tea with a gentle, woody note. So mysterious, the color changes to dark red and produce a mellow taste with thick body

Pour 100ml of hot water and brew for 1 to 2 minutes. If you want to enjoy as cold tea, brew for 5 to 6 minutes and stir well before serving


Kpop Tattoo Stickers

Kpop-infused tattoo stickers which you can stick to your body and remove anytime

Which idol groups did you get? Show off your shiny new tattoos @seoulbox


BT21 Cable Wrapper

A silicon cable wrapper with BT21 characters decorated around

Level up your Kpop lifestyle with a cable wrapper! Inspired by BT21, a symbolic mascot of BTS


SeoulBox Sticker

A cool SeoulBox merch

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