Tasting Guide : Four Seasons

Tasting Guide : Four Seasons

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in Apr '20 Four Seasons SeoulBox.


Choco DIY Kit

A DIY kit that helps you get ready for the excitement of summer. Create 8 cute mushrooms made up of chocolates and cookies

Squeeze chocolate bags to the mold and dip in biscuit sticks. Freeze it for 10 to 20 mins to serve


Roasted Sweet Potato Chips

Taste the heart of winter, inspired by roasted sweet potato. It's street food in Korea. Crispy texture with a golden caramelized flavors

Add a splash of honey. You will bring the winter warmth to another level


Strawberry Crispy Roll

A baked puff with strawberry cream filling inside. Melts in your mouth like snow

Lightly freeze the snack if you want a solid texture of the fruity cream


Citron Honey Cheesecake

Citron tea, a popular winter drink, in a cookie form. Covered with moist cheesecake, this will take you to a winter wonderland

Milk is a perfect complement to its zingy flavors


Hazelnut Coffee

Coffee in a tea bag?! Hazelnuts mature over the summer. Feel the rich flavors of late summer infused in a quirky coffee variation

Steep in 200ml of hot water. Stir the tea bag several times to brew it properly


BT21 Badge

A super-cute BT21 goody which goes perfect with any season

Pin it to your belongings, like clothes or bags, to give it adorable Korean swag


Eunyul Cucumber Mask Pack

This month's K-beauty gift is a mask pack that will cool off your summer heat! Moisturize your skin with this nutrient-rich mask

Apply across your face and let it absorb for 15 minutes


Kkobuk Chip Injeolmi Flavor

An extra crunchy corn snack dusted with Injeolmi powder, roasted soybean seasoning. Subtle sweetness bursting with nutty Injeolmi flavors

Feel the rusty foliage of Korea through Injeolmi, comfort food during fall


Strawberry Cream Wafer

A crispy wafer lightly spread with refreshing strawberry cream. Delicate, sweet but not overbearing, it's a cute box of spring romance

Serve with soft ice cream, coffee or milk


Kimchi Janchi Noodles

'Fight fire with fire' - food is no exception. Janchi noodles are a classic summer cuisine

Empty the sachets, pour 280ml of hot water and allow it to cook for 2 mins


Dalgona Candy Cashew Nuts

Dalgona is a caramelized sugar candy. It's a popular winter treat in Korea. Just like squirrels gather nuts for winter, get ready for the season with this cute treat

Serve with light crackers



'Matdongsan' means a hill of taste. Indeed, the sticky treat is full of deliciousness. A peanut-shaped biscuit covered with peanut flakes

Taste the lively energy of early fall with this classic peanut-loaded snack


Frenchy Pie Apple Tart Flavor

A golden pie with syrupy apple filling and flaky crust. It's a perfect dessert for your 'meal of fall'

Bake it in the oven or air fryer for a couple more minutes. It'll become a warm, crispy apple pie


Dr. You Sweet Pumpkin Cookie

A crumbly rice biscuit full of rich pumpkin flavors. Earthy and hearty, it takes you to a farm field of autumn Korea

Designed to bring the natural flavors of pumpkin to the maximum level, this cookie tastes best on its own


White Heim

A light biscuit filled with white chocolate. A taste of fall made of toasted nuts and thick cream

Freeze the wafer for an hour or two. It'll give it a crisper outside and solid inside


Yangbankim Crunchy Seaweed

Taste the winter sea of Korea - seaweed ripens as the water gets colder. It has a rich sesame infusion.

It's a great topping for your Kimchi Janchi Noodles. Just shred it and sprinkle on top of your noodles


Milk Chew Strawberry

A candy with strawberry jelly inside and milk caramel outside. Strawberry milk smoothie is a popular spring drink in Korea. Fancy it in a soft chew variation?

Chew it whenever you need an extra energy boost


Pink Pear Cactus Caramel

A sweet, a little bit sour, caramel that tastes like a melon. It's an early summer delight, pretty to look at and refreshing to taste

Enjoy the treat with your Dandelion Tea


Dandelion Tea

A cup that transcends the hope of early spring. Full of bolder flavors with smoky and toasty notes

Sense a hint of the bitter aftertaste? Add a spoon of honey to your cuppa 


Kpop Band

Eat, Sleep, Kpop then Repeat! A silicon band featuring the famous wisdom

Your Korean moments come and go just like four seasons. Important thing is to be happy and cheerful about the changes! Make it a part of your Korean lifestyle


Malangsoup Spring Sticker

SeoulBox X Malangsoup collaboration! Celebrate your spring with these cute friends living in a secret forest of Korea

Attach it to your belongings to give a cute boost


SEOULBOX Logo Sticker

A cool SeoulBox logo sticker. Removable and water-proof

Want to share your Korean lifestyle with your friends? Why not stick your SeoulBox logo to your belongings?

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