Tasting Guide: Back to School

Tasting Guide: Back to School

A complete and genuine guide to enjoying your snacks and goodies in a very Korean way. Below are tasting guide for snacks featured in OCt '19 BTS SeoulBox.


Caramel Peanut

The fusion of caramel and peanut is a match made in heaven. Discover a tasty puff packed with nutty flavors

Been in the market since 1989, it used to be a classic after-school snack in Korea. Experience a sweet memory of Koreans with this treat



An oven-baked chip dusted with addictive BBQ powder. Each piece resembles a cute sea creature

Schoolkids used to bring Goraebab to the classroom, playing the game found inside the box together. Now it's your turn


Egg Sesame Ramen

A genuine combi of sesame oil and scrambled egg

It’s the bestselling ramen in Korean high school corner shops. Empty the powder and the egg block into the bowl. Pour boiling water to the line and allow to cook for 3 minutes. Add the oil sachet


Ting Choc

A chocolate Ă©clair that melts in your mouth. It's lightly coated with a layer of milk chocolate

The character printed on the package is ‘Jadoo’, the main character of a Korean school animation. She used to be super popular in the 2000s!



A moist, soft butter cookie

Sweet and delicate, it's an ideal mid-afternoon snack that makes a perfect pair for your Cheesy Milk Tea


Soboro Cracker

A graham cracker with sweet coconut flavors (you'll get one pack)

The cookie crumbles outside are ‘Soboro’, a popular school meal dessert. Put a toasted marshmallow between two biscuits to make a coconut s' more


Choco Cake Cookie

Want to enjoy an exceptionally sweet, soft, and delicate snack? Enjoy the velvety texture with smooth cocoa jam inside

Give a chocolate boost to your day. Its distinct cocoa flavor makes a perfect pairing for your Barley Tea



A syrup-coated nacho chip with a hint of ginger

V-Corn is probably the most well-known corner shop snack in Korea during the 2010s. It has been a comfort food for those who were stressed with exams or 'teenage problems'

Toasted Ramen

Lightly toasted noodles with chicken seasoning

In Korea, kids often eat ramen raw. They mix noodles with powder, shake well, and munch it with their friends. This treat replicates such a unique method of snacking


Seaweed Almonds

An addictive almond that explores a completely new area of taste – seaweed. An excellent harmony of savory and crunchy tastes

As you may have noticed, Seoul Box is never complete without almonds. Discover another fun flavor with us


Choco Biscuit

A wafer stick with chocolate spread inside

Interestingly, there are far more savory snacks than sweet treats in Korean corner shops. It’s one of the rare sweet biscuits we hand-picked for you


Simply Rice Cracker

A sweet, round rice cracker with crunchy sugar coating

Do you know that it’s a popular kindergarten treat in Korea? Enjoy a healthier snack time with this yummy rice cracker


Green Tea Seaweed

A crunchy snack made with premium seaweed, green tea powder, and Perilla oil

Most Korean teenagers have two meals a day at school. So popular, you will find seaweed at least once a week on their menu


Cheese Crispy Roll

An oven-baked scrumptious granola roll packed with fresh cheese cream filling

An ideal snack for your lunch box. In Korea, a crispy roll is a popular mid-day treat for students across all ages


Soft Apple Candy

An apple-flavored soft candy with sour powder inside

Do you know that there used to be a '1/10 Lucky box'? One of the candies was extremely sour, and kids often opened it together to find out their destiny


Barley Tea

An earthy tea made with roasted barley

When the weather started becoming a bit chilly, each classroom used to brew barley tea in Korea – a typical 1960s memory that warmed up many Koreans’ hearts


Gom Gom Garlic Butter Popcorn

Popcorn seasoned with roasted garlic butter

Garlic popcorn is a popular cinema snack unique to Korea. It oddly goes perfect with soft vanilla ice cream


Star Popeye

Toasted pieces of thick and sweet ramen noodles. Includes rock candy which looks like a little star

Popeye was big in Korea! The snack is a classic. It is in a retro package which will bring you to a classroom in 1980s Korea


Prawn Cracker

A prawn cracker with roasted garlic flavors

School corner shops always sell prawn cracker – although it’s quite difficult to find it elsewhere in Korea. Why the snack is popular among students in particular?


Pumpkin Yeot

‘Yeot’ is a classic Korean dessert that tastes like an extra chewy nougat candy

Due to its sticky nature, Yeot is a popular present for students sitting a big exam. ‘To stick’ also means ‘get accepted’ in Korean. How cheeky!


Cheesy Milk Tea

Yes, you read that right! In Korea, we love to push the boundaries of tastes. The name speaks for itself

Pour 80ml of hot water to a mug and stir well. Why not make a cheesy cafe latte by adding a pinch of coffee?


Traditional Sticker

A collection of cute Korean characters, patterns, and illustrations

If you want to keep a slice of Korea next to you, stick this cute goody anywhere around you


Charcoal Mask Pack

A mask sheet filled with natural charcoal components. Especially effective in cleaning pores and moisturizing skin

Spread the sheet evenly across your face. Leave it for 20 minutes until the nutrients get absorbed


BT21 Pen

An adorable pen in the shape of a cute BT21 character

Give a cute Korean boost to your surroundings by writing with this pen about anything you'd like!


Classic HB Pencil

An HB pencil with a cool twist of a classic Korean character

Why not draw your inspirations and tag us on Instagram @unboxyourseoul in your masterpiece!


Sticky Memo

A sticky memo in the shape of a cute character (you'll get one of four varieties)

Need a notepad to quickly write down ideas? Then this sticky goody is ideal for you.


Tata Sticker Pack

A soft sticker sheet featuring Tata, a heart-shaped BT21 character

Stick it to your diary, notebook or laptop. This little heart will brighten your day


Maplestory Pogs

‘Maplestory’ is a mega-hit game that every school kid used to play. This is the pog variation of the nostalgic memory

You’ll get 10 different pogs and 1 pog case. To play, push the pog into the pog case


Kakao Friends Mini Notebook

A mini note pad with a Kakao Friends character printed on

Cute, small, and unique, this booklet will make you jot down any idea that comes across your mind

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