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On the month of December we talk about the release date of V’s OST ‘Christmas Tree’ for the K-drama 'Our Beloved Summer' on a previous blog, a month has passed, a new year is beginning and since its release Taehyung has acquired a new record.



His OST for the drama was a total success, the song let fans discovered a little bit about the plot of certain episodes of 'Our Beloved Summer', but it was until its release date, December 24, 2021, that it became a huge deal.



It debuted on Billboard, entering the chart of most sold songs in the United States. This led to V becoming the first Korean soloist to debut in this position.



This position was once held by Suga but with the slight difference that it was accomplished with collabs he had worked on.

Definitely a great way to start the year for Taehyung!

Shall we enjoy the OST?

Do you think there will be another idol entering this chart? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Aldo

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