Dear Seoulmates, because this month's theme is about movies and K-drama, sweet flavours were inescapable. While in all over the world we take soda, candies like M&M's or popcorn in a movie theatre, in South Korea we have many different possibilities we don't often find in western countries.

For some of you, the churros, in general, makes you remember the beach, fairground, a walk-in summer. In South Korea, it is very popular to enjoy some choco churros almonds as a snack in the cinema during a movie. It might give you some new ideas to enjoy churros in the future.



Once again, we propose you a mix of chocolate and almonds within the almond chocolate bar: "Ghana Chocobar". It will be your best friend from your snack of 10 am, to your sport session to your next K-Drama movie sessions. You can be a little creative, make yourself a sport session in front of a K-Drama with this treat as a reward.

Because we like chocolate, we chose to propose to you the famous Market O Real Brownie. We know that brownies are popular all around the world and we wanted to share with you this crumbly Korean version.

Our next biscuit, the Gosomi is quite a mix between South Korea and the US. Indeed, it is a buttery coconut biscuit to eat with peanut butter and a spoonful of ice cream.

We can't talk about sweet Korean treats without talking about chestnuts, strawberries or red beans. The Chestnuts Joa, Strawberry Cotton candies and Yang Gaeng can be your best friend in a movie theatre as it doesn't take place and always show a lot of comfort with many flavours. For the Chestnut Joa, you can either eat it once out of the package with its squeaky texture or put it in the microwave and get a super soft texture instead. The strawberry cotton candies are also soft but if you want them chewy don't hesitate to put them in your fridge for a couple of hours. Finally, the Yang Gaeng is the perfect snack if you like to indulge and take care of your health.




The last but not least of sweet snacks or treats is the famous banana milk! From early childhood, Korean have the habits to get some during a break. You probably also have seen it a lot in different K-Drama like in Guardian: The Lonely and the Great God, Rooftop Prince, Cheer Up and many others. Because Banana milk is quite easy to make, we decided to give you some banana milk jelly.

Plus according to legend, the one who will offer you banana milk might be handsome!

Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) episode 7

If you want to make yourself banana milk for the break, each day, here is a recipe we posted you on a story a few days ago.

For those who use milliliters and not cups here is the recipe

1 ripe banana broken into pieces

120 mL of regular milk

120 mL water

1 Tbsp maple syrup (15mL)

A small drop of pure vanilla extract


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