Suga Working Together with PSY for his 9th Album Title Track!

Suga Working Together with PSY for his 9th Album Title Track!


It hasn’t been much since PSY confirmed his comeback with a new full-length album ‘PSY 9th’ and since then he has been confirming on social media the names of each track included on his album.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Until now the name of his Title Track was missing, but that changed when he confirmed that this track ‘That That’ has been produced by Suga.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

He also shared a video on his Twitter account in which he and Suga consider each other best friends:

PSY: “He wasn’t just my junior in the business but also, he truly feels like a friend… It was hard to feel any age gap”

Suga: “It felt like working with a childhood friend, so it made the songwriting process that much more fun… We became besties in a way”

Album Sampler video shared by PSY

Teaser music video of That That

We can’t wait for the release of this song, and PSY new album, it is looking hot!

Release Date: April 29, 2022 at 6pm KST

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