Suga Surprised Us Yet Again!

The mesmerizing rapper is back, but this time not with something power-pact like Daechwita. Yes, it's Samsung’s brand moto Suga is talking about!


Fans know Galaxy & BTS keep collaborating to bring us exciting and meaningful products. But do you know what Min Yoon-gi brought us this time?

The iconic Samsung’s original signature jingle “Over the horizon” with a version made by himself.

It’s even more special as it marks a decade to this jingle. As of today, the final part is released under the company’s “Unpacked 2021” event.

It’s a special showcase, that presents the products, innovations, and new technologies launched by Korea’s pride company, Samsung.

Explaining about this project, Suga, who goes by the name of Agust D when producing music, stated that he just put out an identity of himself in his version. However, overall he kept it as simple yet momentous as possible.


It’s because he wanted it to resonate with a broader audience.

Talking further, he stated that he has always been a fan of Over the horizon. Not only that, but he has also listened to the different versions made by different amazing artists over the years.

Like, Quincy Jones, Icona Pop, and many more.

Expressing further about the making of the jingle, he articulated that everybody was fond of his first sketch.

But Suga wanted something more to it. So, he added a bit of guitar feels “to make it more dramatic and to give it the full grandeur,” he told in Samsung’s official video of the release, “Voices of Galaxy”.

As we all know the Bangtan boys are known for giving deep messages through their songs. Well, “Over the horizon”, be it without any lyrics still plays a vital image while putting out a message in front of the world.

As Suga elucidated, “Like the title ‘Over the Horizon’, it’s about going beyond our limits. No one knows what will unfold. But our dreams make us go farther than ever.”


Author - Akshita

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