Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Undergone a Sinus Surgery

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Undergone a Sinus Surgery


Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan made an appearance on Vlive in his broadcast “Chan’s Room” on the 5th of June. Even though he was tired, like he mentioned at the beginning of the video because he had just undergone a sinus surgery earlier at the same day, yet he insisted on doing a live stream and meet his fans and reveal about his minor sinus surgery.

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Bang Chan discussed the reason why he underwent this minor surgery with the fans saying that he had a serious sinus problem that his right nostril is too tight to allow any air passage in, that sometimes when he’s asleep he wakes up because he’s out of breath. So, he decided that the surgery must be done.

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He also added saying that he had undergone the same minor surgery last year because of the same issue but he was told that it will be back again.

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Chan has also expressed his fear that he might undergo a major procedure to entirely end this issue, and at the end of Vlive he asked the fans not to worry about him and for sure the fans showed support to Bang Chan specially that he had just awaken after the surgery and decided not to cancel his weekly interaction with them and go for a live stream.

Check below the full episode of Chan’s room on Vlive:

Wishing a speedy recovery to stray kids’ Bang Chan.

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