Stan Like You Love Yourself

Stan Like You Love Yourself

2019 was a glamorous but tough year for Kpop fans and idols. Behind the hype of new songs, tours and debuts, tragic suicides of stars shined a light on mental health issues Korea's going through. In this month of love we shall share a couple of self-love tips to support your happy life and emotional well-being.


Pengsoo, a new idol of 2019, shows that to ‘be yourself’ has been a core theme of self-love among Koreans. It’s a giant penguin who made its way to become a superstar among young adults. Its Instagram feed is full of blunt, yet refreshing posts. Find your biases taking a shot with it!


Be yourself, express yourself, and free yourself. What a great movement of self-love inspiration! Does it appeal to you as well? Here are three tips to love yourself and boost your self-esteem in this brand-new Korean way!

  • Jibsooni
  • 1-Month challenge
  • Sohwakhaeng


Jibsooni [집순이] is a Korean slang term for homebody It used to have negative feelings. However, the recent movement to ‘be yourself’, combined with self-revelations of homebody celebrities, changed the trend! Nowadays, enjoying me-time at home is common in Korea. (All in all, who doesn’t like streaming favorite MVs with super-fast WiFi? Even better, you can have unlimited Korean snacks! )


If you have wanderlust, the 1-month challenge [한달 살기] is a great way to love yourself. Initially, it only referred to living in Jejudo, an island famous for beautiful flower fields and tasty local foods. Nowadays, Koreans try visiting other countries and cities when possible. From sunny beaches to exotic cuisines, it’s a perfect chance to free yourself. How about trying a 1-month challenge in Korea?


Sohwakhaeng [소확행] is a way to go for Koreans who are too busy or tight in the budget for the 1-month challenge. It translates into ‘small but certain happiness’; happiness in little things you find from daily life. It can be anything – from writing a journal with a cute pen to having Tteokbokki while watching Kdramas – that can boost your mood up. Stan yourself with these 3 Korean-inspired tips!

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