Should you Visit Korea in November?

Should you Visit Korea in November?


If you are planning on visiting Korea in November and enjoy the scenery between Autumn and Winter, you will need to play close attention to the weather, since the first weeks of November are way different to the last ones. Temperatures on average range from a frigid 3°C to a warm 12°C.

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Visiting Korea any time of the year is beautiful, different activities and a great variety of food can be found all year round but visiting during autumn hits different. Visiting Korea in November, get more affordable lodging in areas like Hongdae, activities, festivals and attractions are a little less busy. Avoiding peak touristic months will in a way, enjoy the country’s beauty in a more relaxed way, it's generally a very wonderful time to travel and experience new areas in comfort and serenity. Try to enjoy as much as you can before Christmas vacations kick in.

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For the first few weeks, the weather is still quite pleasant, and there are even some days when it's rather warm, perfect to rock a pair of jeans and a nice and cozy hoodie. But don’t let a warm day fool you, the temperatures might drop dramatically from one day to another after mid-November, so it is always better to be prepared with warmer clothing and coats.

November does have some rain, and if you are lucky enough you might get a glance of seen snow in Seoul at the end of the month, but surely if you want to feel and see snow you can surely do so at Gangwon-do. Comparing it with Seoul, Gangwon-do is frequently much cooler, with temperatures around -3°C to 7°C.

What to see?

During the first half of November, Korea offers a limited amount of limited-edition autumn excursions before winter takes over as the new season. On these tours you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the prettiest sceneries and fall foliage around the country. Some of the tours they offer are the following:

  • Korea Fall Foliage Day Tour to Mountains & National Parks
  • Naejansan National Park Autumn Day Tour
  • Korea Fall Foliage Day Tour to Naejangsan National Park
  • Memorable Autumn Foliage Day Tour
  • Naejangsan Park Maple and Metasequoia-lined Road Day Tour
  • Naejangsan Mountain Fall Foliage + Jeonju Hanok Village Day Tour

Nami Island

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On Nami Island, you might be able to spot adorable wildlife like squirrels and bunnies roaming about freely, simply enjoying life, as well it is a unique place to take a stroll among the endless row of tall pine trees that make up “Central Korean Pine Tree Lane”.

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You know a place to take the “perfect” Instagram picture. Nami Island’s red, gold and orange will make you speechless! As well a variety of activities, such as the “Chrysanthemum Festival” in the “Garden of Morning Calm”, the “Jade Garden”, or stopping by the abandoned rail tracks, will give you a unique happiness.

Historical Tour in Gyeongju

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Gyeongju is a historical city, capital of the Silla Dynasty and still has artifacts of it display. Here you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of Buddhist statues, palaces, imperial tombs, and temples. A whole variety of amazing places you can choose from. A must is definitely “The Bulguksa Temple” (The red-orange foliage of the trees that surround the Bulguksa temple in the autumn gives the monument a genuine appearance.), “Seokgoram Cave”, and “Anapji Pond”.

Naejangsan Mountain

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This marvel of nature is as stunning in the fall, winter, spring, and summer, no matter which season you chose, it is breathtaking. "The mountain that hides many mysteries," Naejangsan Mountain is located in the province of Jeolla. Along with the landscape's predominant crimson foliage, “Dodeok Falls” and “Geumseon Falls” round out the breathtaking scene. “The Baekyangsan Temple” stands in the center of this natural wonder, just between two mountains, giving it the feeling of a mythical place. Definitely a picture you should at to your travel album!

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Seoul Lantern Festival

From the first Friday in November until the third week in November, Seoul has its annual lantern festival. Up till Cheonggye Plaza and Supyogyo Bridge, lanterns are lit up along the Cheonggyecheon Stream and additionally, it consistently emphasizes a particular topic each year.

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The festival includes a number of enjoyable activities in addition to the display of lanterns, like hanging a wish lantern, creating your own lantern, or even writing a New Year's wish note. And lest not forget all the delicious street food Korea has to offer and witness amazing parades that light up Seoul at night!

If you ever go to Korea in November, we would love if you shared your lovely experience with us, which was your preferred place to visit and which was your favorite Korean street food!

Author: Aldo Romero

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