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Shipping Update

May 04, 2020

SeoulBox Shipping Regarding COVID-19

Important Notice

Hi Seoulmates,

We hope you have been staying safe and well!

The past few months have been a new and challenging experience for us as a global community. People from all walks of society have found their lives impacted at both a professional and personal level. As a small business, we can’t thank you enough for the strong words of support you have shown us and the incredible patience you have displayed during this difficult period. It’s something we will never forget and makes us really cherish having Seoulmates like yourself. We would like to take this opportunity to share some exciting news with you.

Delivery Update

We have been working very closely with our partners to make sure our Seoulmates can continue to have incredible unboxing experiences and enjoy the delights we have curated. Our mission is to bring Korea closer to you, and we will always put our Seoulmates at the center of our decision making.

Following these discussions, we have found a solution to help navigate these uncertain times and provide an amazing service for our loyal customers.

From July 1st we will be dispatching all SeoulBoxes on a new premium delivery service free of charge. As you may have seen in our previous posts, only express shipments have been possible due to the reduction of international flights during COVID-19. We have made the business decision to offer all our Seoulmates express shipping until standard deliveries are possible again. To make this is a viable option we have slightly altered the dimensions of your SeoulBox. However, the number of items included, and the value of the box has not been impacted. We are happy to say that our snack & goody selection is the most exciting it has ever been. Despite the change in box size, it is still a costly decision for us, but we firmly believe that delivering your SeoulBox is the priority.  

The following regions are available for this new service:

USA (except Hawaii), UK, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Luxembourg, Bhutan, Japan, Malaysia, Slovenia, China, Philippines, Singapore, Italy, Luxemburg, Philippines, Vatican, San Marino, Slovenia & Hong Kong

If you find that your country is not here, please check this list weekly as we have been informed there will be regular updates during the next few weeks as more regions are lifting restrictions.

Please note that delivery times will vary between 3-8 weeks. As postal services around the world have been impacted differently due to COVID-19.

Additionally, we have paused orders from locations we are not to deliver to temporarily. We will begin accepting orders again once the restrictions have been lifted in those regions.

Where is the box that I have already ordered?

Following the above news, we will be dispatching brand new SeoulBoxes to Seoulmates who have ordered between March – June and not received their SeoulBox yet. Like the above, these shipments are available to the same region list. These will be dispatched over the next 3 weeks, and you will receive an email notification. If you do not receive an email during this period, please contact us at help@myseoulbox.com

If your country is not on the above list, please know that you will be receiving your SeoulBox the moment your region is included on the list. We really appreciate your patience and will keep you informed with all courier updates.  

New Website & Seoulmate Benefits 

After listening to your feedback, we extremely thrilled that let you know we are launching a brand-new website and plans for our Seoulmates. This will allow monthly, quarterly, and yearly options, with very exciting benefits and perks depending on which choice you go with. On top of this, we really value the community that we have built together and want to create a better hub for our Seoulmates to connect on and immerse in Korean culture. We will be sending out a detailed breakdown next week, with our roadmap for this adventure and our vision for the year. It’s one we are very ecstatic to have you a part of. Your feedback and positivity have helped build SeoulBox what it is today and drives us to craft unforgettable experiences every month.

The relationships and bonds we have with you are at the heart of SeoulBox. We look forward to continuing this journey with all our Seoulmates, current, and future.

Please contact us at help@myseoulbox.com if you have any queries at all. 

 Follow us @unboxyourseoul on Instagram for all the latest news and feel free to message us any exciting ideas you may have or stories you want to share. We absolutely love connecting with you.

Stay safe and well in this situation and thank you for the continued support.

Take care and warm regards,

Suji Sohn & Raj Sathi