Shinan Purple Festival: a Mysterious Island Available Only during July

An island village in Sinan, Jeollanam-do, is called 'Purple Island' because it is covered with purple.

The purple lavender flowers and everything on the island are decorated in purple, making it a tourist attraction.



he hills of the island village were colored purple.

The rippling violet lavender blends with the blue sea to create a picturesque scene.

Korea's largest lavender garden is visited by tourists.

Banwol and Parkjido in Sinan, which were designated as 'Jeollanamdo Island' in 2015.

The roof of the house was all colored purple.

The entire island is purple with toilets and streetlights as well as adorable pay phones.




Walk 4.2km above the sea in the cool sea breeze and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Banwol and Parkjido, a small island in Sinan, are in the spotlight as a tourist attraction "Purple Island" as residents join forces to cultivate a purple island.

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