SEVENTEEN: Sogo is Now an Official Merchandise Thanks to Carats!

SEVENTEEN: Sogo is Now an Official Merchandise Thanks to Carats!


If you’ve been following Seventeen closely, you will know about the legendary Sogo. 

What is a Sogo? 

Sogo is a handheld drum that is associated with farmers and dance. It is considered a percussion instrument and is known to also be called beokgu or maegubu.” The Sogo’s size and shape vary according to the regions in Korea. 

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The Sogo is used by farmers to create music that allows them to enjoy themselves by dancing during those days. The history of the instrument goes way back and is based on the agrarian social life for centuries. 

Sogo in Going Seventeen 

In many of the Gose episodes, DK can be seen with the Sogo and it has become his trademark. 

It all started in the Going Seventeen episode, The8, and the 12 shadows. The theme of the episode was decided by The8 where all the other 12 members will imitate as shadows of the person in charge. Each of the members will have 5 minutes till they switch to the next person. 

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When it was DK’s turn he had the Sogo in his hand and came up with a beat on the spot as well as the steps to complement the rhythm. Who would’ve known the beat would remain iconic?

The members could not keep up with his pace and begin to appear fatigued. Then one of the members brought it up again and DK took his Sogo and began to jump around again. 

Even during TTT, the Sogo was present. In episode 45, TTT Hyperrealism ver. they rented an Airbnb and enjoyed their free time. 

During their karaoke session, DK can be seen holding the Sogo and simply just dancing along to the music.

Now, it’s not a Going Seventeen episode without DK and his dear friend, Sogo. In the 13 Raiders episode, he even has a Sogo on an island with him.

In the latest episode of Gose, they made a Sogo comeback as he shows Carats what he does at home when he is alone.

Adding to the Sogo agenda, in one of Seventeen’s behind videos, Joshua mentioned that he still can’t get the dance move right and asked DK for some lessons. 

Sogo Merch

Since the Sogo is highly popular among the members and Carats, some fans suggested that the company makes it merchandise. 

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Fans suggested the Sogo as, during the current issue of the pandemic, fans are not allowed to scream or sing along at concerts, so it will be useful to have a Sogo. 

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

It all started as a joke between the fandom, and their wishes came true. The Sogo was made as one of their Caratland official merchandise.

The company released a teaser video of Bongbongie the Caratland mascot designed by Mingyu holding the Sogo. 

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Few days after the official Sogo merchandise was released and is sold at ₩20,000. The item was sold out within 5 minutes. 


Now carats can enjoy their upcoming fan live, we look forward to seeing fan chants following the Sogo beat!

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