SEVENTEEN, Power of Love: The Movie

SEVENTEEN, Power of Love: The Movie


ARMY and BLINKS had the opportunity to enjoy their idols movies, now it's time for CARATs to have a great time! K-pop group SEVENTEEN recently announced their first movie, “Power of Love: The Movie.”

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

With this movie, SEVENTEEN begins their year with a huge event and great news for followers, the movie will have a worldwide release in the month of April, the 20th and 23rd and will be screening in SCREEN X, 4DX, and 4DX SCREEN on theaters. Tickets will become available this month; March 17, so hurry up and mark it on your calendars.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The official website states that this movie is:

“A love letter in movie form from SEVENTEEN – including scenes from their live concerts, interviews released for the first time, and many behind-the-stage stories”

The announcement was made throughout their social media.



The K-pop band arrives to the big screen with 5 platinum albums, charting Japanese Oricon chart and charting US Billboard 200, amazing honor for SEVENTEEN.

You can sign up in their website to receive future updates.

‘SEVENTEEN – Power of Love’

How many CARATs here plan on to the premiere? 

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