SEVENTEEN: CARATLAND 2022 Highlights & Announcement of World Tour!

SEVENTEEN: CARATLAND 2022 Highlights & Announcement of World Tour!


Last weekend Seventeen held their offline fan meeting after two years of not being able to meet Carats. 

Caratland was held for 3 days, where on the last day online streaming was available for international fans to enjoy!

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This year’s fan meeting was extra special as it was planned with Carats. The segments and closing song were chosen by the fans. 

Here we have the summary of everything that happened during the fan meeting!

The famous unit reverse stage which happens every year is highly requested by the fans! This year the stages are divided according to age units. 

95’z Unit – Do Re Mi 

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The eldest line of the group – Scoups, Jeonghan, and Joshua performed Do Re Mi which is the maknae's line song.

Their performance ended in harmony as the younger members joined them on stage and acted like little kids. 

96’z Unit – Hey Buddy 

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Hey Buddy is originally sung by the 97’s! For this stage Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, and Woozi performed the stage with vibrant colored outfits. 

The members made the stage their playground and looked like they had fun performing the song! 

97’z Unit – Light A Flame 

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The most anticipated stage that was highly suggested by fans, which was performed by The 8, Mingyu, and DK! The original singers are the 96’s unit. 

On the last day, the boys decided to tease Carats a little. DK being the funny one unbuttoning The 8’s shirt which caused Mingyu to hold in his laugh. 

Maknae Unit – Ah! Love 

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Performing the eldest members' track, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino showed fans their sophisticated side while singing Ah! Love

They were able to pull this unit song well considering they are all now much more mature and fit the concept of the song perfectly. 

The game segments were all suggested by the fans. As for one of the segments their penalties were dancing or singing to songs that did not fit the member.

This resulted from a voting poll done by a Carat online for fun, and Seungkwan found out about it and posted it on Weverse.

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According to the voting poll from most votes till the least:

  • Wonwoo – Dumb dumb with 3 547 votes 
  • Wonwoo - U-go-girl with 2 403 votes
  • Mingyu – Bon Voyage with 2 346 votes 
  • Vernon – Weekend with 2 303 votes
  • Jeonghan – Mommae with 2 070 votes 
  • Jeonghan – Cold-blooded with 1 715 votes
  • Minghao - Horangie Power with 1 579 votes
  • DK – Lip and hip with 784 votes
  • Scoups – Rollercoaster with 774 votes
  • Woozi – Gang with 715 votes
  • Seungkwan – Spider with 496 votes
  • Vernon – 60 seconds with 382 votes
  • Jun – Crooked with 330 votes
  • Jun – Lalalay with 302 votes
  • Jeonghan – Ruby with 300
  • Wonwoo – What Kind of Future with 259 votes

Here are the performance videos! 

Wonwoo – Dumb dumb

He performed this on two days as the members loved his performance! He admitted to practicing to Dumb dumb for hours to be able to perform well for the fans.

Mingyu – Bon Voyage 

He did a stunning performance, even the members were surprised at how he managed to pull off the ballet dance moves. 

Vernon – Weekend 

Vernon was hesitant in performing at first and said he looked horribly through the prompter but Carats were supportive and even said he did a great job!

Jeonghan – Cold-blooded 

We had a highlight rap performance from the one and only Yoonzino! 

Minghao - Horangie Power 

He is known to be a Horangie anti and fans thought it would be fun to watch but he killed it! 

DK – Solo 

Dokyeom sang to Solo instead of Lip and hip which let us enjoy a full singing and dancing performance by the main vocalists of Seventeen!

Scoups – Rollercoaster 

Scoups revealed his sexy side when dancing to Rollercoaster! He looked so adorable with his sweet smile during the performance. 

Seungkwan – Spider 

Seungkwan does fit the song, he looked like a total natural when performing Spider! Even Hoshi was impressed.

Jun – Crooked 

Jun had to do this penalty for three days as he lost on two days but did an encore on the third. He looked like he memorized the song and began enjoying it!

Dino – Lalisa 

He was not on the list because every song fits him therefore the label future of K-pop fits him perfectly! 

The highlight of their closing song is the never-ending replay of “Aju Nice!” Since this was the song voted by the fans, they did an extended version of the song. On the last day, they tricked the fans that they were leaving but came back for another round of Aju Nice!

They ended their fan meeting with amazing news, leader Scoups has confirmed that Seventeen will be going on a world tour this year! As they announced a new English single to be released in April and a full-length album in May, this screams for concerts all around the world! 

It was an amazing show indeed! Thank you Seventeen for always working hard and giving your best for Carats! We look forward to your comeback, hwaiting!

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