SeoulBox X Arcane Funk: A Funky Collab

SeoulBox X Arcane Funk: A Funky Collab

Everything is FUNK! Arcane FunK isĀ a contemporary fashion brand inspired by the Punk genre. BasedĀ in Gwanak, Seoul, it continues its journey to turn daily lifeĀ in to a funky adventureĀ through adding a spiceĀ  to clothes like melting smile, Venus, snakesĀ and paisley patterns.

SeoulBox is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with this funky brand. As a part of collaboration, you'll get in your SeoulBox ...

  • FUNK Moon Sticker
  • Everything is FUNK! Postcard
  • SeoulBox X Arcane FunkĀ limited edition magazine


Ā  Ā  Ā 


Want to know more? Hit the link to look around their awesome clothes!

Everything of your life is Funk!


Why we selected it? Because 1) it's a really cool fashion brand in Korea and 2) their logo (see the yellow circle below) looks like a bright, full moon!


Hope your upcoming Chuseok is filled with the full, funky moon.

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