SeoulBox X Arcane Funk: A Funky Collab

Everything is FUNK! Arcane FunK is a contemporary fashion brand inspired by the Punk genre. Based in Gwanak, Seoul, it continues its journey to turn daily life in to a funky adventure through adding a spice  to clothes like melting smile, Venus, snakes and paisley patterns.

SeoulBox is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with this funky brand. As a part of collaboration, you'll get in your SeoulBox ...

  • FUNK Moon Sticker
  • Everything is FUNK! Postcard
  • SeoulBox X Arcane Funk limited edition magazine




Want to know more? Hit the link to look around their awesome clothes!

Everything of your life is Funk!


Why we selected it? Because 1) it's a really cool fashion brand in Korea and 2) their logo (see the yellow circle below) looks like a bright, full moon!


Hope your upcoming Chuseok is filled with the full, funky moon.

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