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SeoulBox has launched SeoulBox Life which is not just a merry lifestyle box but something beyond that. 

While unboxing you’ll unbox a new experience every single time ;)

We found a new way to bring Korea to you with more fun and exciting experiences. So get ready to dive into the new journey full of surprises!

Our very first box will take you on the travel journey non-other than but the most famous JEJU ISLAND. Ohh, by the way before starting the journey, do you know what are some common phrases used in Jeju?

If yes, then that's great but if not then let's learn together. ;)


 오름: Oreums are volcanic cones



한라봉: Did you know that Hallabongs are a mix of tangerines and persimmons?



오설록: Osulloc Tea Museums attracts has a special attraction for those who want to explore more about Korean tea traditions.



돌하르방: They are the main symbol of the island.



 해녀: The Haenyeo are the women divers of Jeju who only use wetsuits, goggles, gloves, and weights to help them dive.

In this box you can find so many new and unique goodies & snacks, originally from Jeju along with that we will take you one step closer to your favorite idol with some awesome K-Pop goodies. There is someone very special too, who can’t wait to say Hi!

Non-other than, but our “Mr. Bong” imported specially for seoulmates from Jeju. He is our new friend cute, bubbly, sweet, and sour named after Halla Mountain, Hallabong is an iconic delicacy of Jeju.

So, if you are curious to know more about this special edition the check out our social media platforms also get yourself a SeoulBox Life and enjoy Jeju at your home and the situation gets better pack from bags, grab your tickets fly over to Jeju!

Author Barsha Das


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