Seoul in the Kitchen Recipes

Seoul in the Kitchen Recipes

1. Injeolmi Hotteok Kit 인절미 호떡 믹스 

Hotteok mix (Korean pancake) with Injeolmi inspirations 
How to enjoy: 
Need a littlebit of skill. Get ready! 
Step 1. Make a Hotteok mix 
  • In a round bowl, pour over 120ml of warm water & yeast, mix well 
  • Mix in the Hotteok powder and mix for 5-10 mins 
Step 2. Shape it 
  • Cover your hands in oil 
  • Take 1-2inch diameter of the dough, make a ball & spread evenly on your hand 
  • Add a spoon of the sugar mix and close the dough (as if making a dumpling…!) *Skills required to make it thin as possible & at the same time avoid the dough from tearing apart 
*SeoulBox-tip: mix in crushed nuts (walnuts and sunflower seeds are recommended) the sugar mix. They’ll add up the texture and flavors. A recipe inspired by street food markets of Busan 
Step 3. Pan-fry 
  • Pre-hit your pan and pour generous amount of oil 
  • Put the dough+sugar mix – the sealed part to the bottom 
  • Fry in low heat, when the bottom side turns into golden grown (1-2 mins) turn it over and press to make it thin (1-2mins). Soup bowl or spatula is recommended 
Step 4. Make it gourmet 
  • Shake well the Injeolmi powder packet 
  • Pour it over a flat dish 
  • Dust your Hotteoks 

2. Stir Fry Kimchi 볶음 김치

Crunchy kimchi stir-fired in a wok. Made with a Kimchi-seasoning that goes best with stir-fired style Kimchi. Leek oil adds the smokey flavor 
How to enjoy: 
1. Tofu & stir-fried Kimchi 
This recipe is a popular side-dish for Soju. You don’t need to cook – just heat it warm & serve with steamed tofu 

2. Kimchi stir-fried rice 
This recipe is for anyone interested in discovering why Koreans often eat Kimchi with Kimchi stir-fried rice (you maybe seen in vlog or K-Drama) 
  • Empty the sachet to a frying pan or wok + 1-2 spoon of oil 
  • Mix in meat of your choice – canned tuna or chopped ham is recommended 
  • Stir-fry well 
  • Mix in a bowl of rice 
  • Enjoy with fried egg (keep the yolk gooey) 
3. Butter pork Kimchi 
This recipe is normally found in downtown cafes in Korea. A clever twist on Korean BBQ 
  • Melt butter in a pan 
  • Pan-fry chopped pork loin or belly 
  • When the pork is cooked, mix in stir-fried Kimchi and cook for another 3-5 minutes 

3. Nurungji 심심타파 포켓 누룽지 

Nurungji is a Korean-style scorched riceIt’s a classic snackfood in Korea. 
In the packet, there are 3 slices of Nurungji. We recommend to enjoy it in 3 different ways. 
How to enjoy: 
1. Enjoy on its own – no other chips can be as crunchy & healthy-smokey as Nurungji – it’s purely made of Korean rice and a pinch of salt. 

2. Nurungji soup 
  • Bring the water to boil (amount depending on how much Nurungji you throw in) 
  • Soak your Nurungji 
  • Cook until the biscuit dissolved into little pieces 
3. Fried Nurungji 
It used to be an easy snack when Korea is a poor country – kids used to fry Nurungji and had it like a snack. Nowadays, it’s more enjoyed as a healthy snack. 
  • Pour generous amount of oil over a pan and heat it up 
  • Pan-fry Nurungji 
  • Dust sugar 
One is not enough? You can visit Seoulbox Market and order extra Nurungji. Exclusive to subscribers. 

4. Anchovy Kalguksu 멸치 칼국수

It’s a very thick & curly noodles with either seafood or chicken-based broth. One of the most popular comfort foods among Koreans, yet so rare to find a proper ramen-version of it that taste good. The team believes your Kalguksu ramen is the best choice currently available in the market. 
How to enjoy: 
Step 1. Cook the noodles 
  • Pour 550ml water over saucepan. Bring it to boil 
  • Empty every sachet and throw in alongside the noodles  
*Recommended order: Noodles – seasoning  dried toppings) 
  • Cook for 4 extra minutes
Step 2. Add a garnish – make it to restaurant-level 
There are three versions to make a significant difference to the taste 
  • Add a pinch of black pepper 
  • When boiling the water, add diced Zucchini, onion and carrot. After adding the noodles and sauce add mixed egg 
  • Serve with crushed seaweed as a garnish 


5. Yegam Cheese Gratin 예감 치즈 그라탕


A western infusion to enrich your culinary adventure 
You can easily finish a packet on its own, but here’s a quirky recipe worth trying out. Courtesy to a YouTube user, Mingi. The title of this dish is: Mingi’s wet potato 
How to enjoy: 
  1. Empty the packet in a mug 
  2. Pour over boiling water – make sure it’s not too soggy. The balance of texture (mashed-potato level) is the key…! 
*SeoulBox tip: enjoy it while it’s still warm. Tastes off when it becomes cold. 


6. Hot Chicken Sauce 불닭 소스 

If you observed the infamous hot chicken noodle challenges a couple years ago, a perfect chance to try this out! You just need to throw in ingredients you can easily source from your local supermarket. 
How to enjoy: 
Buldak Stir-fry 
Step 1. Season your beef 
  • Add egg white, salt, black pepper, and 1 Tof starch to you beef (a handful) 
  • Mix well 
Step 2. Stir-fry 
  • Add a spoon of oil to pan and stir-fry beef 
  • Stir-fry vegetables of your choice (pepper and onion are recommended) 
  • Squeeze out your Buldak sauce 
*Taste even better when you add 1 TB of chili oil 
Other recommendations: 
Dip the sauce to your egg. Also good with rice, bread, pasta – whatever carb of your choice! 

7. Boc Rice Shrimp Powder 보크라이스 새우

A seasoning to make any Korean-style stir fry easyily As you figured it out, there are lots of stir-fry dishes in Korea. It’s more a common cooking method for homecook. Hence you enjoy the authentic Korean homecook experience! 

How to enjoy: 

  1. Add a TB of oil to pan 

  2. Scramble an egg 

  3. Add rice & stir-fry for 2 more minutes 

  4. Empty the Bokku Rice sachet and stir fry for 30 seconds extra. 

Also can be used to make rice balls, steamed egg, omurice, Kimchi fried rice. 


8. Secret Coin 시크릿 코인

A coin that works like a magic...! Add this to make rich broth that tastes just like 20-years of Korean cooking experiences. No e-numbers included; just made of 18 natural ingredients Koreans commonly use to make broth. 
We’ll introduce you steamed egg dish – a popular side dish in Korean BBQ restaurants.  
Step 1. Prepare 
  • Spread oil evenly across a small saucepan 
  • Crack 3 eggs and make it really smooth by sieving them. Remove the chalaza (the white stuff connecting yolk and white) for a silky texture 
  • Melt your Secret Coin in water (1/3 amount of the egg). Mix well with the egg (30-40 times minimum) 
  • Chop spring onion – we’ll use it as a garnish 
Step 2. Cook 
You’ll need a bit of cooking skill here. No wonder BBQ restaurants charge extra for steamed egg! We’ll guide you through, so no sweat. 
  • Pour over the egg mixture into saucepan (narrow and deep one) – high-heat 
  • When the egg mixture starts boiling, turn it down to mid-heat and scrap the bottom and side with spoon so that it doesn’t stick 
  • When the egg mixture starts to blow out, turn the heat down to low, add spring onion and cook for a while 
  • When the top part cooked around 80%, turn off the heat and cook the rest with the heat (3-4 minutes) 

9. Strawberry Milk Tea 딸기 밀크티 

A premium milk tea with chopped & dried strawberry dices 
For your home café experience. Milk tea is hugely popular in Korea (not as much as our love for coffee!!), so why not enjoy a spring twist of it? 
How to enjoy: 
  1. Place a milk tea bag in a mug 
  2. Steep in 200ml of boiling water 
    *If you pour a little bit less water, even better, as then the tea will taste sweeter & stronger!
  3. Shake the teabag a couple of times 
  4. Garnish with diced strawberries 
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