Seo Ye-ji Staring New tvN’s K-drama ‘Eve’

Seo Ye-ji Staring New tvN’s K-drama ‘Eve’


The South Korean model and actress after a long time, is now making her comeback as Lee Ra El, on the upcoming tvN’s drama ‘Eve’. The drama will be released on May 25, 2022 and will be transmitted Wednesday-Thursday.

A romance drama that involves an intense revenge by Lee Ra El, after the shocking death of her father, a revenge that is taking 13 years of planning with the goal to destroy Korea’s 0.1%. She is also involved in a 2 trillion won divorce lawsuit between this percent of upper-class couples in Korea.

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On a recently released poster for ‘Eve’, we can appreciate Seo Ye-ji with on a powerful melodramatic pose, a dark aura, a beautiful black dress, symbolizing a Black Swan and a facial expression desiring revenge, while crushing a red rose in her hands. ‘I’ll break you down in the hottest moment in the coldest way”

This will be a drama worth enjoying with some delicious Seoulbox snacks!

You can’t miss Seo Ye-ji comeback to the screen, are you ready Seoulmates?

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