Seo Ye-Ji Apologize After Controversy

Seo Ye-Ji Apologize After Controversy


Korean drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" star Seo Ye-ji has apologized for the 2018 controversy involving her former boyfriend, actor Kim Jung-hyun, and "Girls' Generation" singer Seo hyun from the drama "Time."

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Seo Ye-ji apologized on Feb. 27, two days after the first photo was released of her for "Eve." This is a sign that Seo Ye-ji wants to restart her career.

“It is my sincere apologies that I am conveying my feelings to you in writing so late," she said in a statement released by her agency Gold Medalist.

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Seo Ye-ji also stated, "I have had time to look back on myself after looking at the rebukes and stories that were told to me. I apologize for my shortcomings that have disappointed so many people. I apologize once again,” She promised she would act more carefully and project a more mature image in the future.

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In June to August 2020, Seo Ye-ji appeared on tvN and Netflix in the drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay," with Kim Soo-hyun and gained more popularity. Dispatch reported  on April 12, 2021, text messages between Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun, UN agency appeared in "Mr. Queen.” 

While Kim was shooting the drama "Time." The news reporters declared that Seo Ye-ji controlled Kim Jung-hyun, who was her boyfriend at that time, the report added that the texts prevented Kim Jung-hyun from filming any "Skinship" or romantic scenes with co-star Seohyun in spite of the requirement in the script.

The story of Seo Ye-ji began with a media report, published on April 8, about the affair between two actors. Seo Ye-ji appeared alongside Kim Jung-hyun in the drama ‘Remembering first Love.’ Kim Jung-hyun drafted the help of Seo Ji-hye so he could transfer to her agency, Culture Depot.

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Culture Depot denied the dating reports that stated they met at Seo Ji-hye’s house to discuss him possibly transferring to Culture Depot in May 2021 from O& Entertainment where his contract was about to end.

Kim Jung-hyun had a contract dispute with O& Entertainment. Due to health reasons, he quit the drama Time and went on hiatus & insisted that his contract be extended by 11 months because of this.

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There were several articles about Kim Jung-hyun in the Korean media after his rude behavior towards Seohyun at the press conference for 'Time.'

Story of Dispatch published text messages between Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun on April 12 in which she told him not to film skinship and romantic scenes with Seohyun.

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There was controversy when a new story came out claiming that Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun had a relationship. The following day, Seo Ye-ji admitted that she and Kim Jung-hyun were in a relationship at the time. She did not refuse the text messages.

 ''It was completely evidenced that the drama-related distinction wasn't aggravated by Seo Ye-ji, and he expressed his intention to issue his position regarding it, aforesaid Gold medalist, after checking with Kim Jung-hyun.''

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The agency repelled that Seo Ye-ji manipulated Kim Jung-hyun, saying, “It is hard to understand through common sense the doubtful report that the main actor of the drama would act as he is told by someone without his own will. It is nearly impossible for an actor to act and film without any will.”

It said text messages between the two were “part of communication between lovers showing covetousness about skinship with others.”

“This can be seen as a typical lovers’ argument among entertainers who are lovers in the production. Nonetheless, all actors film normally, setting aside their lovers’ argument. We think Kim Jung-hyun must have had another inevitable personal situation too,” said the Gold Medalist.

Kim Jung-hyun Apologize:

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-hyun and O& Entertainment have settled their dispute and allowed him to sign an exclusive deal with Story J Co. In September 2021 who fought and prayed for him.

"I think I've been walking around the last few months. I don't know where the apartment is. I was busy looking at myself and felt empty with no place to organize my thoughts."  

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 “I was hard to bear. But at the same time, it was a time that endorsed me to delve into the depths of my heart. I am a person with many flaws. I'm sorry I didn't take responsibility for my choices. I admit my own guilt because I'm quick to blame others and not preserve my own health. This is also a letter of self-reflection that I am writing to myself," he said. 

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 Kim Jung-hyun thanked everyone at O& Entertainment, saying, "Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. I hope there will be bright days for each other in the future. Thanks also to the many journalists who pointed out wrongdoing before it was too late and sent me several messages through their articles." 

 "Specially, I bow my head and express my deepest gratitude to the fans who waited and gave me strength until now.

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Thanks to you I was able to draw strength. I use the feelings you sent me as food for my life, I will not fall, and even if I fall, I will get up and walk again," he said. 

Kim Jung-hyun added, "I will carefully go step by step. I will live acting so  I can repay you with a good image. My apologies again to all who have been hurt because of me. I will work harder to become a greater person." 

Meanwhile, Seo Yeji will star in the drama "Eve" (formerly "Eve's Scandal"), which premieres this year.

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