Secret Christmas Dates in Seoul

Secret Christmas Dates in Seoul

Christmas is couple's holidays in Korea. Seoul team introduces you five authentic date spots in Seoul you must check out for your romantic escape to Korea.


1. Cheonggyechon Christmas Festival in Jongno 

It's a hot spot for Christmas lovebirds. Fun to see Christmas structures emitting colorful lights on the stream. Various photo zone spots help you can leave as many photos for your memories.



2. Ehwa Womans University Cottage Garden

If you are after private and less-crowded dating place, we highly recommend here., where you can craft own perfume. Does hand-made perfume sound like a great gift material for your loved ones?



3. This Is Me Studio 

There's another hidden spot in Heugi station where you can enjoy a private couple-time in the middle of Seoul. Recommended for those who want to get a special Xmas photobook with their partner. Tip: Try a concept photo.


4. 1million Dance Studio 

If you're a K-pop lover, let's admit that we all have tried its dance patterns at least once! Let's learn the professional way to dance. Feel free to select your level and book a class accordingly in their website: How about take a tour to Seoul Soop [서울숲] nearby? You'll be able to enjoy a free Christmas-special exhibition there. 



5. Everland Christmas Fantasy 

If you're looking for a dating spot outside the city center, visit here. Stunning parades, various thematic photo spots, and exclusive shows are ready. Enter into the fantasy world in Seoul and spend your Christmas as if you're the main character of fairy tales.


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