Pride Month Gift Ideas for Your LGBTQ+ Friends

Pride Month Gift Ideas for Your LGBTQ+ Friends


Pride Month, celebrated every June, is a time to honor the LGBTQ+ community, recognize their contributions, and advocate for equal rights. It is also a fantastic opportunity to show your support and appreciation for your LGBTQ+ friends with thoughtful gifts. Whether your friends are foodies, beauty enthusiasts, or fans of unique K-Pop or K-Drama merchandise, here are some fantastic Pride Month gift ideas featuring Korean snacks, beauty products, and more.


1. Korean Snacks: Delightful Treats for the Taste Buds

Korean snacks are known for their unique flavors and creative packaging. They make excellent gifts that can introduce your friends to new tastes and cultural experiences.


a. Choco Pie

Choco Pie is a beloved Korean snack that is perfect for gifting. These marshmallow-filled, chocolate-coated cakes are a delightful treat that your friends will love. You can even find limited edition or special flavors to make the gift even more unique.


b. Honey Butter Chips

Honey Butter Chips are a sensational snack that took Korea by storm. The combination of sweet honey and savory butter creates an addictive flavor profile that is hard to resist. They are a must-try for any snack lover.


c. Pepero

Pepero, similar to Pocky, are thin biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate and other flavors. Gifting a variety of Pepero flavors, such as almond, cookies and cream, and strawberry, can create a fun and delicious snack experience.


d. Tteokbokki Chips

If your friend loves a bit of spice, Tteokbokki chips are an exciting option. These snacks mimic the flavor of the famous Korean street food, Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), offering a crunchy and spicy delight.


2. Korean Beauty Products: Pampering and Self-Care

Korean beauty products are renowned for their quality and innovation. They make perfect gifts, allowing your friends to indulge in some much-deserved self-care, especially if they are into Korean beauty products.


a. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the holy grail of Korean skincare. They are easy to use and come in a variety of types targeting different skin concerns. Consider gifting a bundle of sheet masks featuring vibrant and fun packaging to brighten up your friend's skincare routine.


b. Lip Tints

Korean lip tints are famous for their long-lasting color and natural finish. Brands like Etude House and Peripera offer a wide range of shades that can suit any skin tone. These make great gifts for friends who love makeup.


c. BB Cream

BB cream is a versatile product that combines skincare benefits with light coverage. It is perfect for friends who prefer a natural makeup look. Popular brands like Missha and Dr. Jart+ offer high-quality options.


d. Sunscreen

Korean sunscreens are lightweight, non-greasy, and highly effective. They are an essential part of any skincare routine. Look for popular products like the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream or the Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun.


3. Unique Merchandise: Celebrate Pride with Style

Pride-themed merchandise can be both meaningful and stylish. Here are some ideas that incorporate Korean culture and LGBTQ+ pride.


a. Rainbow Hanbok Accessories

Hanbok, the traditional Korean attire, is beautiful and culturally significant. Consider gifting modern accessories inspired by Hanbok, such as hairpins or bracelets, in rainbow colors. These items can be both fashionable and symbolic.


b. K-Pop Merch from LGBTQ+ Advocates

Many K-pop idols are outspoken supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Gifting merch from these artists, such as BTS, who have shown their support for LGBTQ+ rights, can be a great way to combine your friend's love for music and their identity.


c. Customized Pride Apparel

Customized clothing featuring both Korean and LGBTQ+ themes can make a unique and cherished gift. Look for T-shirts, hoodies, or hats that combine elements like Hangul (Korean alphabet) with rainbow designs.


d. Pride Flag Keychains

Pride flag keychains are a simple yet powerful way for your friends to express their identity. Look for keychains that incorporate Korean symbols or phrases to make them even more special.


4. DIY Gift Ideas: Personal Touches from the Heart

If you enjoy crafting, consider making DIY gifts that add a personal touch. Here are some ideas that you can combine your creativity with your friend’s Korean interest and LGBTQ+ themes.


a. Homemade Korean Snacks Gift Box

Create a personalized gift box filled with homemade Korean snacks. You can include treats like Yakgwa (honey cookies), Kimchi-flavored chips, and Choco Pies. Add a rainbow ribbon for a festive touch. Or, you can choose the easiest and the best way and order a Seoulbox for your friend!


b. Custom Skincare Kits

Assemble a custom skincare kit with Korean beauty products tailored to your friend's skin type and preferences. Include a handwritten note explaining each product and its benefits, wrapped in rainbow-colored wrapping paper.


c. Pride-themed DIY Candles

Make DIY candles with scents inspired by Korean desserts, such as green tea or sweet rice. Use rainbow-colored wax layers to represent Pride and add a personal message to your candle to make it more special for your bestie.


d. Personalized Photo Album

Create a photo album filled with memories of your friendship, decorated with Korean and Pride-themed stickers and embellishments. This heartfelt gift is surely going to be treasured by your friend.



Pride Month is a wonderful time to show your love and support for your LGBTQ+ friends. By choosing gifts that combine the best of Korean snacks, beauty products, and unique merchandise, you can create a memorable and meaningful celebration. Remember, the most important aspect of any gift is the thought and care you put into it. Celebrate with pride, and make this Pride Month a joyful and inclusive occasion for all your friends. Whether it is the delightful taste of Honey Butter Chips, the pampering effect of a Korean sheet mask, or the symbolic gesture of a rainbow Hanbok accessory, your gifts can convey your appreciation and support. Happy Pride Month!


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