Popcorn Latte Recipe

Popcorn and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. To take your regular movie nights up a notch, why not try making a popcorn latte? Instead of having popcorn with a soda on the side, this recipe introduces you to a whole new way of enjoying popcorn – with a classic espresso shot. 
Besides popcorn, an espresso shot, and some milk, this recipe also requires a dash of 1883 Maison Routine France popcorn syrup to bring about an intensified popcorn aroma to the drink. If you like, you can replace the popcorn syrup with another flavor, such as toasted marshmallows, toffee crunch, or butterscotch.



  • Ice 
  • Milk
  • 1883 Maison Routin France popcorn syrup
  • 1 espresso shot 
  • Popcorn (Any flavor) 
  • Whipped cream (Optional)




  1. Prepare a shot of espresso like you normally would. 
  2. Mix a desired amount of popcorn syrup into the milk.
  3. Pour milk into a glass half-filled with ice.
  4. Slowly add the espresso shot into the glass to create a gradient-like effect. 
  5. Top the drink off with whipped cream and decorate with popcorn. (Optional)


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