Pepero Day! A Korean Twist on Love

Pepero Day! A Korean Twist on Love

11/11 is Pepero Day in Korea, a day where Koreans exchange Pepero with their loved ones. Pepero is a chocolate-dipped thin pretzel. This day is rumored to have originated from two girls wishing to be tall and thin like Pepero by gifting it to each other. The date was chosen as it looks like 4 Peperos in line. What a cute reason! Seoul Box is here to reveal the secrets behind this special day. Below are 5 fun activities Korean do on this sweet day:

★ Pepero exchange

★ A Pepero baking class

★ A Pepero kiss

★ Confession of love

★ A Pepero party


Definitely fun events to spend with your friends or loved ones! Snack makers are super creative on this day. They convert nearly everything into a Pepero. Countless eccentric Peperos have been made, including: meringue, popping candy, baguette, and even macaron.


November 11th is also Farmer’s Day. The party food here is Garaetteok (가래떡), a long, thin rice cake. To enjoy the best of both worlds, Koreans started coating the treat with chocolate sauce, making it a sweet, soft and chewy Garaetteok Pepero. 


Fun suggestion for you: make Peperos by yourself! Handmade Peperos will transform the Korean Valentine’s Day into a super sweet, romantic experience for you and your loved ones. In fact, making Peperos is not an uncommon tradition at all in Korea! Are you interested in crafting your own?


These 3 simple steps will guide you to the exciting world of Pepero building. 

1) Prepare breadsticks

2) Melt chocolate in a bowl and thoroughly coat the sticks with the melted chocolate

3) Decorate the Peperos to your taste. It's time to show off your amazing creativity!


If you crave something genuine, why not try making a Pepero cake? Would you eat that cake?

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