5 themes of Korea featured in past SeoulBoxes

5 themes of Korea featured in past SeoulBoxes

SeoulBox takes you on a special monthly journey to Korea. You'll get to experience secrete, epic and exciting sides of Korea through a colorful new theme every month. There are a couple of themes that especially shine if you are a huge foodie. They are introducing you to a variety of unique and genuine snacks and cuisines curated around authentic sides - from Pepero Day (Korean Valentines' Day) to retro snacks.

Are you read to start your tasty travel to Korea? Let's start from the most recent one - February 2020 Love Yourself SeoulBox!


1. February 2020: Love Yourself

This time we wanted to focus on YOU. Open a care package of cute snacks and goodies carefully curated to give you a sweet feel-good boost!

We have spent this winter brainstorming about how to craft a box that helps you find the love and affection you truly deserve. Here's our thoughtful curation to warm your heart up. From cozy snacks to fun goodies to even a heat pack, discover what it means to truly love yourself with SeoulBox!


2. January 2020: Taste the World
This time, we'll take you on a tour around the globe. We hope you are ready to taste world cuisines in a creative Korean way.

You'll discover genuine fusions of world dishes and Korean flavors. Bring your experience to the next level with our exclusive tasting tips. Kick start the Year of the Mouse with a cute calendar and refreshing mask pack. Dig into the hidden culinary history of Korea. Does Bulgogi Burger or Kimchi Nachos sound interesting to you? Explore exciting transformations of the cuisine.


3. December 2019: Travel to Korea

Through our December 2019 SeoulBox, we'll take you on a tasty journey around Korea. Get your travel boots ready? Let's kick off this exciting travel to Korea. Lots of fun guaranteed.

You'll uncover the diverse flavors of Korea and learn how each region has their own distinct characters. Celebrate your Xmas in style with two Kpop merch, snack to your heart's content with our carefully curated selection of treats. Immerse yourself in the trendy and hip parts of Korea with our tailored tour for you.


4. November 2019: Pepero Pajama Party

There's something special in Korea on November 11th. With Seoul Box, host a special pajama party full of yummy Pepero snacks and cool party goodies. Fill up your November with sweet and chocolaty memories.

After an enormous amount of partying and snacking, we came up with a complete Pepero party kit. You'll uncover a rich selection of snacks and goodies; discover romantic rituals Koreans do on Pepero Day; decorate Twice's epic Pepero Day; learn 6 sweet Korean pet names; and enter a chance to win Kpop merch and be featured in our magazine.


5. October 2019: Back to School

New stationery, ironed uniforms and ringing alarm clocks – sounds like the start of an exciting yet chaotic new term back to school? In this month, discover a nostalgic side to Korea and unleash the energetic teen in you through your Back to School SeoulBox.

From surveying Koreans who spent their teens in that period to reviving our high school snacking memories, we focused on bringing a sentimental yet refreshing face of Korea. You’ll enjoy 26 snacks and 8 goodies; discover enduring memories of old-school Korean teens; and learn 3 legendary games from back then.

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