P1Harmony comeback

P1Harmony Comeback with "Jump"

P1Harmony have made their comeback with their new single "Jump" and it's definitely one to watch! As a fairly new group, P1Harmony have taken the K-pop scene by storm with their unique sound and style. The music video for "Jump" is full of fun and energy, with the members wearing bright and vibrant outfits that are sure to make you smile. It's a great introduction to the group and an upbeat way to get to know their sound. The song itself is catchy and fun, with a mix of rap and vocals that make it stand out from other K-pop songs. P1Harmony never disappoint and "Jump" is sure to be a hip hop hit!


All pictures below are credited to the "Jump" M/V here.

Exploring the Fun Music Video of "Jump"

The new group has been receiving a lot of attention for their unique sound and style. Theo, Keeho, Intak, Soul, Jiung and Jeongsob, with their fresh styles and extremely funny content, are slowly climbing up everyone's most listened on spotify.


The music video for "Jump" is full of fun and vibrant energy. The members are dressed in eye-catching outfits and they deliver an energetic performance that will be sure to get you up and dancing. The choreography is full of intricate and dynamic moves, perfect for hip hop lovers, that are sure to impress. The song itself is catchy and sure to get stuck in your head.


P1Harmony has certainly made a splash with their new song and music video. The fun and vibrant energy of the music video combined with the catchy and unique sound of the song make this a must-watch. Be sure to check out the new group's music video for "Jump" and see what all the hype is about.


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