Overview of SeoulBox 2020 (2nd Half)

Overview of SeoulBox 2020 (2nd Half)

SeoulBox August 2020 : Idol

August SeoulBox is the ultimate Korean snack box to fulfill your Kpop moments : SEOULBOX IDOL. Idol [žēĄžĚīŽŹĆ; a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered] has become a symbolic part of Korean culture. Do the refreshing air and flattering warmth of May remind you of Kpop idols? We've¬†prepared a unique curation of Kpop snacks and goodies. Discover treats which idols always bring in their fan meetings. One biscuit tastes almost like a sandwich popular among idols. How about cute BT21 merch or yogurt beauty treat? Mag's here to help you make most out of the box!

SeoulBox September 2020 : Chuseok Festival

Spectating the full bright moon melts everyone's heart. This experience can be made even more special with family or having delicious treats by your side. Chuseok is a Korean version of Thanksgiving Day where relatives gather and perform a ceremony to ancestors. It's a box curated with our desire to bring this authentic Korean culture to you. With four classic Korean snacks made by master makers and a ceremonial dish, take a glimpse into the biggest holiday in Korea. Enjoy your autumn moonlight with your SeoulBox!


SeoulBox October 2020 : Spooky Seoul

A October SeolBox theme was Halloween. With creatures of strange powers wandering around outside, we hope your holiday is full of joy and fun. Just as Kpop is reaching the other side of the world, Halloween is becoming a jolly festival in Korea. The wailing dead are wandering around Itaewon street, while Skullmashers are looking for their next victim at Hongdae station. We wanted to bring that unique slice of Korea to you: a world shining with colorful supernatural beings of Korea, with delicious treats and candies. Courtesy to Meoshi World for partnering with us to craft this scary fantasy box together for you.

SeoulBox November 2020 : Korean Adventure

A November SeoulBox theme is 'FLAVORS THROUGH THE AGES'. When we went Radio Kimchi for an interview last year November, we had a Twitter session where listeners mention any future SeoulBox theme they'd like to get. A truly genuine idea came out: Flavors through the Ages. Aspiring to show the dynamic colors of Korea to you, we've gone through loads of snacking and researching to come up with the box full of cultural flavors. Take on a journey to Korea between 1700s and present with a hand-picked selection of snacks and goodies best represent each era! Your adventure will be fun, new and delicious. Courtesy to the genius Twiterian and Julia, Radio Kimchi host.

SeoulBox December 2020 : Santa in Seoul

Ž©ĒŽ¶¨ ŪĀ¨Ž¶¨žä§Žßąžä§! We are so happy to experience the winter holidays in Korea with you. Christmas is a time of sharing fun festivities with your loved ones, and it's amazing to be a part of these celebrations. We are excited for you to indulge in our festive curation of delicious snacks and K-goodies, and hope you enjoy our hidden insights into Korea. It's a pleasure to be ending 2020 with you, and we really look forward to seeing you in the New Year! Thank you for the continued support it means so much to us and we absolutely love having you as a Seoulmate.

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