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1. Yukgaejang Fried-rice

Level of difficulty ★★★☆☆ 

Preparation material : Yugaejang, Eggs, Slices of green onions, A bowl of rice

<Follow the steps>

  1. Put a Ramen in a plastic bag and Smash it 
  2. Put a Ramen power and Pour boiling water a little bit
  3. Prepare a pan, Put oil and slices of green onion in the pan
  4. Put eggs and Make it scrambled 
  5. Put a bowl of rice and put a 
  6. Cover the Ramen cup and Microwave it 2 mins
  7. Sprinkle parsley with toppings and Enjoy it! :)

2. Cold Yukgaejang


Level of difficulty ★★★☆☆ 

Preparation material : Yukgaejang, Slices of cucumber, Sesame oil 1T, Sugar 1T, Vinegar 1T, Ice 

<Follow the steps>

  1. Prepare a bowl and put Ramyeon powder, 1T of sugar, 1T of vinegar, 1T of sesame oil
  2. Pour 40ml of hot water and mix them all together
  3. Place the given flakes in the cup and pour boiling water up to the displayed line
  4. 3 mins later, pour out the water and wash it with cold water
  5. Put noodles in the cold water with ice
  6. Put ice in the bowl that you’ve already made a sauce 
  7. Put noodles in the sauce and place slices of cucumbers on top and Enjoy it! :)


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