New Shipping Updates In Seoulbox!

New Shipping Updates In Seoulbox!

Hello Seoulmates,

One of our core values at Seoulbox is to provide quality and outstanding service to you every month. When you purchase a Seoulbox, not only do we want to give you the experience you expected, but we pride ourselves on going above and beyond. You mean everything to us.

We love keeping an open channel with you and appreciate how our communication flows both ways. 

This month, our couriers informed us that rising oil prices over the last 12 months would impact all couriers globally. These higher fees have already come into play, and we have decided to take on the increase this month. However, to make our business sustainable, we will be marginally increasing our box prices from March 2022. 

Please see the below table for the increases:

Table of price changes

You will only see the increases at your next renewal date. For example, if you have a quarterly subscription that renews in April, you will only see the new prices in April 2022, not March 2022.

We appreciate your loyalty and passion for Seoulbox, and we will continue to create even more incredible experiences for you.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Thank you for understanding

Suji Sohn & Raj Sathi

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