New Korean BL Webdrama ‘Ocean Likes Me’

New Korean BL Webdrama ‘Ocean Likes Me’


Last month was aired a new Korean BL webdrama starring Holland (Tommy) and Han Gi Chan (Han Ba Da), ‘Ocean Likes Me – 오션라이크미’.

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Han Ba Da has a dream of having his own Udon restaurant with a beautiful beach on the background, Tommy by the other hand, is a failed musician returning home after no success. A romance between them will grow and together they will fight to accomplish their dreams.

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Tommy will the inspiration he needs on his new friend, working side-by-side they will find greatness, this will make the two of them closer and can possibly find along the way, the courage to dream of a life and future together.

This BL webdrama it’s been directed by Lee Su Ji, mixing romance, music, and gastronomy. It can be watched on Viki.

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