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The Meaning Behind BTS's Mugshot Plates

Why don’t we make a recap on BTS Plates and see the difference with their respective meaning? Let's have a look at it!

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We all know Big Hit Entertainment and Bangtan Sonyeondan never fail to surprise us with their hidden meanings. If you were lucky to watch this past Sunday (October 25th) BTS’s Permission to Dance On Stage online concert, you might have noticed at the beginning of the concert, a video was shown with all the members grabbing some mugshot plates.

We all have seen them before in some pictures for Butter, and if you are a very detailed person you might have seen that the numbers on them have completely changed.

What do the new date numbers for BTS PLATES mean?



Junkook’s new date number is 190601, the date on which “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour” started, and for Butter pictures, the number shown was 110604, which was the date he arrived in Seoul


Jimin’s first date number was a reference to BTS’s first concert 141018, while the new one, 141018 refers to the second concert from the tour mentioned in Hoseok’s plate.


The new date displayed on his plate 141017, refers to their tour “The Red Bullet”, meanwhile, the number displayed on Butter’s plate 6606660, showed the word bbo-bbo written in numbers, meaning kiss in Korean, it’s like a sweet little kiss on the cheek.


His first number, 655212, didn’t have a particular meaning, but a new one, 101101, is 101 written two times and can be translated as happiness, being positive.


Namjoon’s new number has a strong reference, it is the date he delivered a speech at the United Nations. And the number on the first plate had also quite a strong and sentimental meaning, it referred to where he used to live, the building, and the apartment number.


V decided to use the date in which their song Dynamite reached number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, 200901, while his previous number was to express that BTS were going to be Number 1, 000001.


As well as Jin, Suga’s first number didn’t have a meaning, 384627, this time he decided to change that and went for the date in which the Bangtan Boys had their debut, 130613.

If you couldn’t watch the concert here is a sneak peek:

Where were you able to notice these new dates on BTS plate? How much do you love these easter eggs? Share with us in the comments! =) 

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