NCT’s Jaehyun Appointed as Brand Ambassador for Prada

NCT’s Jaehyun Appointed as Brand Ambassador for Prada


Imagine an ordinary summer day in June, Milan, Italy, world center of fashion. Which of your favs do you wish to see walking the catwalk in the moments of top fashion brands? Such a day at the SS23 Prada Uomo Fashion show saw NCT’s Jaehyun working the catwalk embracing Prada’s Spring/Summer Menswear 2023 Collection.

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You might find this unsurprising after Jaehyun’s many successful collaborations with the world-renowned Italian luxury brand. Particularly in 2021 when the idol became the very first celebrity to live-stream the Prada Show when he took part in unveiling their Spring/Summer Menswear 2022 Collection.

And this year, not only is he back for more, but it has been made official that the Main vocalist and lead dancer of popular subunit NCT 127, is starting his activities as brand ambassador with kickstarting their 2023 Spring/Summer Collection for men.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

A spokesperson for the brand shared that through his previous collaborations they were able to ‘‘feel his powerful influence’’ as one of the biggest names in K-pop and commented that his ‘‘luxurious visuals to an outstanding sense of fashion’’ is what ultimately moved them to choosing Jaehyun to represent their brand.

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And we are hardly surprised. From tailored suits to luxurious couture, and even karate suits, the man looks good in everything and anything. But Jaehyun’s talent and skills don’t end there when we think about what makes him perfect for this valuable role.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Jaehyun became fluent in English after studying abroad in America for 4 years, he graduated top of his class from Seoul School Performing Arts, and much more. All before the age of 24, and now he has this prestigious title to add to his ledger.

NCTzens are so proud and excited for what this opportunity will bring the dancer, singer, rapper visual of NCT 127!

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