My Chilling Roommate a New K-drama Featuring Chanwoo & Sowon

My Chilling Roommate a New K-drama Featuring Chanwoo & Sowon


“My Chilling Roommate” a new K-drama from Gamsung Click, and the agency dropped the drama’s trailer where the storyline of the drama is a horror romantic comedy cinedrama, it talks about a woman who can see ghosts who’s GFRIEND’s Kim So Jung “Sowon'' and a man who accidentally turns into a ghost and lost his memories who’s IKON’s Chanwoo, and what happens when they start living together. See the trailer below:

This is Chanwoo’s acting role after a nine-year acting hiatus, so Chanwoo stated I read the script and it was so much fun, so it felt good. I remember taking acting lessons right away and having fun preparing.

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For GFRIEND’s Sowon “Kim So Jung” this will be her first acting role after moving to IOK company, and after GFRIEND’s disbandment in 2021.

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As a Cine-rama, it’s confirmed that the movie version will be released first and screened at theaters followed by the release of the drama version on OTT platforms.

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