MUST VISIT: 4 Hottest Places in Ikseong-dong, Seoul

MUST VISIT: 4 Hottest Places in Ikseong-dong, Seoul

Today, I would like to introduce Ikseon-dong, one of the hottest neighborhoods in Seoul, where the old atmosphere of Korea and modernity coexist. It is such an attractive neighborhood that there are people who have never been to Ikseon-dong, but there is no one who has been to Ikseon-dong only once. Check out the below and check out when you visit Korea!


Ikseon Goro

Boraberry ice cream is now a specialty of Ikseon-dong. The vivid color of the visual is eye-catching. Enjoy soft ice cream for dessert.  



Kyungsung Clothes

Why don't you choose your own style of clothing from the period of enlightenment in Korea and walk around Seoul? There are various colors and styles, so let's wear them with friends and take an amazing picture.



Cheong Su Dang

If you need a short rest in the city center, I recommend this place. This place's signature menu, plumade ade, and strawberry cake, that's all for solving problems! 


DongBaek Western Snack Shop

Strawberry soufflé pancakes here, where people line up because they are super delicious. The combination of soft soufflé pancakes and fresh strawberries is healing itself.


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