Must Try K-Pop Idol Beauty Products

Must Try K-Pop Idol Beauty Products

K-Pop idols are always on top of their skincare routine. Here are some great products our favorite K-pop idols use. Best of all these are all affordable!

Chaeyoung and Nayeon

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Nayeon used Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Oil to cleanse their faces. Oil cleansers are best for removing heavy makeup, later followed by Senka Perfect Whip face wash.
Twice skin care

Eric Nam

Eric Nam shared his love for a Clinique moisturizer: the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly; he is a fan of moisturizing. No doubt!
Eric Nam Skincare


RM talks about how dry his skin can get and how he has breaks out from time to
time in an interview. He also talks about how it’s essential to know your skin type so you know the best products for your skin. Its been spotted that he uses
Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy Cream which is great for sensitive dry skin.
RM's Skincare

Suga and J-Hope

Suga also loves a good hydrating sheet mask. He knows it’s essential to moisturize the face after a long wear of make up not to mention sweating as a result of dancepractice and tours.
J-Hope uses many products to keep his skin looking baby smooth such as toners to hydrate the skin, and moisturizing creams. He also said that sometimes he gets pop up acne from time to time and how applying cream twice a day and daily use moisturizing sheet mask helps.


Sunmi is a skincare lover and revealed several of her favorite skincare products in a video that included the Dermatory Pro Hyal Shot Moisture Ampoule and Dr. Jart's Vital Hydra Solution Biome Toner, and Cicapair Cream.

 Sunmi's skincare


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