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K-Pop idols are always on top of their skincare routine and of course BTS is no
exemption. Here are some great products our favorite BTS members use. Best of all
these are all affordable!
RM talks about how dry his skin can get and how he has breaks out from time to
time in an interview. He also talks about how it’s essential to know your skin type so
you know the best products for your skin. Its been spotted that he uses
Daily Moisture Therapy Cream
which is great for sensitive dry skin.
Just like so many of us Jin loves to use sheet mask. He stated that he loves sheet
mask, they help him when his skin is exposed to the sun for a long period of time,
and how it also brightens and brings moisture back.
Suga also loves a good hydrating sheet mask. He knows it’s essential to moisturize
the face after a long wear of make up not to mention sweating as a result of dance
practice and tours.
J-Hope uses many products to keep his skin looking baby smooth such as toners to
hydrate the skin, and moisturizing creams. He also said that sometimes he gets pop
up acne from time to time and how applying cream twice a day and daily use
moisturizing sheet mask helps.
Remember this Vlive?
Jimin has been seen using L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum for a
More Youthful and Rested Complexion during a V-Live. He also says drinking plenty
of water and staying hydrated has helped him with his skin.
For V he keeps cotton pads on him to moisturize his face throughout the busy day
and has said cotton pads are a must for him. V also used the Zeroid products in a
live video.
Jungkook washes his face with an apple cider vinegar cleanser to help with his acne
that he struggles with from time to time. He always carries a bottle with him when
traveling and, out of all the members, he is the most strictest on his skin care
Have you tried these beauty products? Leave your comments below!!
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