Korean actors be it from Seo Joon’s random photo-booms to Hwang In Yeop’s young energetical vibes – these celebs' Instagram has everything!

Korean Actors

These korean actors didn’t only make love look different to us, but also entertained us through their fabulous acting. Hence, we wanted to let that handsome-ness continue in our feed as well.  

After all, being K-drama addicts ourselves, we also want to come across to these gallant Oppas again and again. Are we correct or are we correct?

How about peeking into their Instagram lives and knowing about these Korean actors?

  • Park Seo Joon

Park has made a name for himself through various huge hits. Starting from Dream High 2 in 2012, to grabbing roles in projects like Kill Me, Heal Me, to the most recent huge Iteawon Class. This actor reached the heights.

Around 19 million people follow him on his Instagram. The soon-to-be entering into Hollywood actor shares glimpses of his life. Like, playing golf, brand & behind the shoots, enjoying time with the Wooga Squad, and his dog Simba.



Something we fan love – Mr. Joon totally in raw look captioning the photo as “I want to go”.



Photoshoots like this make us go to such beautiful places with a breeze coming along with us. The Aura man from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? dazing in Dazed!



We all know how Instagram is incomplete without a mirror selfie. Here’s a black & white one from the hero himself wishing you “Good night ✨”.



A definition of Fine with a pinch of adorableness in a post captioning “Family Photo🐶”

  • Lee Min-Ho

The king of hearts Lee Min Ho!

Were you one of us who started this crazy K-drama journey with Boys Over Flowers back in the day? F4 was the original bad boy.

That Gu Jun Pyo started receiving projects that became huge and that’s how he has become the Lee Min Ho now with 25.4 million fans, and 2 following.



Some behind the scene glimpses of his working life!



Of course, the brand photoshoots that catch our eyes like anything.



This adorableness must not be taken for granted. He also shared his childhood “baby Min-ho”’s pictures sometimes.



The vacations where he walks so freely!



The cuteness continues as he posts a lot about his dog, Coco as well.



They say unexpected friendships are always amazing. But this feels even more special when a cast of any hit series bonds so well that they end up partying together.

  • Cha Eun-Woo

If you are somebody who shifted from Korean dramas to K-pop, Cha Eun Woo came as a shock to you as he is also a singer and member of one of the popular groups, Astro.

This boy next door guy is known for his brilliant acting and looks.

He impressed us with back-to-back acting projects such as My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Rookie Historian, and the most recent one True Beauty.

You can’t escape this gallant man on Instagram. He shares parts of his life with around 22.6 million Arohas (Astro’s fandom name) around the world. Photos with his group members, and many more.

The K-pop idol only follows his members and group’s official profile.



The singer recently posted about the group’s first win for their album Switch It On!



Beachy vibes are our thing!



Also, his Variety shows behind the scenes where fans could be seen expressing their love for him.

Selfie-time with members & acting gigs behind the scenes.

  • Nam Joo Hyuk

From side characters in dramas like Cheese in the trap to become the male lead in huge successful periods like Weighlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo & Start-up.

This 27-year-old from Busan made it to your screens and hearts. Now we can’t blame anybody for falling for this aesthetic boy with mature acting skills that he keeps showing us in his movies and dramas.

16 million people enjoy his presence on Instagram while he follows nobody.



At the Twosome place, with cake & manly wristwatch in one hand and spoon in another. Pastel color short and perfect hair  it gives us the vibe of a perfect date.



These lovely babies can’t be ignored. Like other artists, this chocolate boy also shares his dogs' pictures, but this one feels delightfully naughty.





Pictures like these with gorgeous smiles and amazing chemistry and being thankful to fans are so exquisite.



Let’s never forget our SamSun startup guys. Joo Huk made sure we don’t as well.

  • Hwang In Yeop

The new name of the town was introduced from the hit webtoon-based drama True Beauty, Hwang In Yeop.

He played the second lead in it and k-drama fans know the importance of these characters in our episodes.

Second leads have always been a place special to the k-drammars heart as it hurt for many such guys. Like the legendary Boys over Flowers, Reply 1988, Who are you: School 2015, and many more.

The new guy – owner of girls’ hearts nailed the job with his eye-catching acting.

He has become one of the young actors to gain 10.1 million followers on his Instagram.



If brand shoots include strolling in the neighborhood looking so charming, then we want more of it!



Friends, and food on the table is always the best combination.



Some sweetness bombarded posts captioning “Baby In-Yeop”.



“Thank you for loving me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this and always happily adore it as a nice memory. I’ll keep showing you my best side” –  He also shares the love his fans showered him with thanking them.

Keep following these talented Korean actors and their work. And who is your favorite artist? Let’s chat in the comments below!

We will come back with more such content, stay tuned!


Author - Akshita.

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