Miss Trot: The Next Generation Produce 101

Looking for 100 people who will become the owner of 10 billion won!

Miss Trot, the birth of a new concept of Trot Audition, which will add firepower to the ever-increasing Korean Trot fever and create a next-generation Trot Star.


Trot used to be a dead music genre in Korea. Except some really old generations, no one listened to it and it was regarded as an outdated hobby.


All the perceptions met a sudden change in 2019, when a new audition program, Miss Trot, was out. It was Produce 101 of older Koreans.

The winner gets 30 million won in prize money + a song written by Hong Jin-young's hit song "Love Battery" composer Cho Young-soo + guarantee more than 100 events.
The show gave birth to Song Ga-in, who rose to the final winner of the crazy-popular trot audition show.
Guess what? Now the trot boom is back after 50 years of long waiting. You may see a first-ever trot Kpop star!

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