Meeting your idols!

Meeting your idols!


For most Kpop fans out there, it’s a huge wish to be able to meet your idols. Fansigns are a fantastic way to make this dream come true to be able to meet, talk and even hold your ult bias!

Fan signs usually happen around comeback tours or during a promotion of a new track/album. A helpful tip is to either follow the agency account to find out when it’s happening or follow @fansigndata_b on twitter as they list when most fan signings are happening!

There are normally two of fansigns which are: lottery based and first come first serve. They both will require you to buy albums of your idols. Some fans will buy over 90 albums to ensure that they will secure the lottery ticket of their favorite idols! If you do meet your idols, they can normally sign only one page of the album your promoting, so make sure you know which page you want signed before reaching the event!

Here's an example of a fan meetup! With BTS <3


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